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From: "Viv" Date: Wed Dec 18, 2002 11:37 pm Subject: PEM/New poll for pjrv eclecticviv PJ: Who authored the "anaysis" haiku? I really like that one a lot, and am curious. Viv* > Cold winds blow outside. / > Stuff is piled up on my desk - / > analysis time. ------------------------ Moderator's note: That was Rocheleh (aka Rachel). -- PJ pjrv : Messages : 1804-1804 of 4038


From: "Rocheleh" Date: Thu Dec 19, 2002 7:16 pm Subject: Re: PEM/New poll for pjrv rochelehhakt... As you can no doubt see, PJ solved my mailbox problem... I'm indebted to you PJ, use the opportunity and demand something from me (Demand sessions! I need to do sessions. ;) ) Viv wrote: > Who authored the "anaysis" haiku? > I really like that one a lot, and am curious. As PJ said, it was me. Little Long-Skirted Rachel - Coming Soon to a Synagogue Near You! . o O (It's getting late _again_.) But seriously : thanks a *lot*! I never imagined this to happen; for a haiku of mine to make it to the top ten (heck, English is a foreign language to me!) and to receive extra praise after that. This made me feel really good. You know, I just bought a Babylon 5 novel, the second in the Psi Corps trilogy. I would've bought the first one, but the store had only this, so it looks like I'll have to order. I read into it a bit just some time ago, and there's the Psi Corps Pledge or something like that; it has a line which goes "The Corps teaches, guides and provides." And that made me _angry_, for some odd reason. Like heck, where _is_ that Corps which teaches and guides and so on?! I don't have anybody to talk to about psi! I threw the book back into the sack, and immediately felt a sense of shame. Come on, Rachel, that's not true! You've gotten a whole e-mail box from PJ, and there are all those nice people... and you dare feel yourself alone? (LOL - I really felt that way) I decisively logged back on (I was about to call the day quits) and got _this_ mail. Into _this_ inbox. You folks have made my day, seriously. Thank you's to all. Imagine a clumsy young girl hugging you :) And Viv, thanks for the kind advice on e-mail providers, too! Yes, and Liz, I haven't forgotten about my promise on Stargate to summarise that Greg Egan book (and my ideas on the topic, too). I'll do it in the winter break. I might also read and comment on this Psi Corps book, why not? I wonder how realistic it'll be. It's already gained a plus in my eyes: in the B5 world, it is said that a telepath needs like of sight to do his or her thing. But in this particular novel they say somewhere that it's likely a simple psychological limitation, not having to do with the physical world. (I opened the book at this passage at first. Fun!) Which is a lot closer to what we experience, I guess. Rocheleh (Which is Askenazic Jewish for a small Rachel - like you'd call a Deborah Debbie in English. I don't know the exact term for this. Is a moniker something like this, or is that more like nicknames?)

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