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From: Timelord2029... Date: Mon Dec 29, 2003 7:30 am Subject: Re: People/Animal Data in Targets psitrooper24 > So what's the secret to getting a signal > that says "human or animal is here without having to > sketch an entire face? Hi Bill, Practice ..practice ...practice dunno what else to say really. I had the same problem too as getting targets with only animals in them was abit rare (for me anyway) until i started using other target pools. However the more animals you do the more you realize similar traits to what you pick up. For me, animals and humans register differently in my data and that is the first clue (for me) when i pick up sentient vibes from a target. If my ideograms dont point to "subjects" but yet i know there is something "alive and moving" in my data more often than not the target turns out to be an animal. Peace, Tunde Reply | Forward


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Mon Dec 29, 2003 10:32 pm Subject: Re: People/Animal Data in Targets docsavagebill Thanks Tunde, Please describe exactly what your "first clue" is that you yave an animal or human. Best Regards, Bill Reply | Forward


From: "pjgaenir" Date: Mon Dec 29, 2003 11:48 pm Subject: Re: People/Animal Data in Targets pjgaenir Hi Bill, > what your "first clue" is that > you yave an animal or human. I am only just beginning to fairly regularly pick up that data in a target, myself. Sometimes I get a visual flash of it. For example on a recent target I got this flash of a man, dark hair, head bent down a bit, so I assumed looking down. Turns out he was the hanged guy in the target. But I had a hard time with that as there were massive crowds in the target and I should have been comfortable with that, I was iffy (kept focusing on the 'lattice, structure, sense of 'going through'--LOL--the trap door elevated wooden thing they hung him on). (OK this was a rather grim target, sorry. But I had glee and excitement for it. It was a helluva party. So many happy people and carnival atmosphere, it was the last public execution, 1930's--from that point on they decreed all would be done within the prison.) Most targets where I have people and get them--as mentioned I'm not good at this but getting better--I don't have any thing I can track except that I sense 'a man' for example the same way I sense 'high' or something. It's just it's own kind of data for me. Since I hit the phase where I seem to finally be picking up on bios like this I haven't gotten any animals so I dunno about that yet. PJ Reply | Forward


From: Timelord2029... Date: Tue Dec 30, 2003 7:50 am Subject: Re: People/Animal Data in Targets psitrooper24 > Please describe exactly what your "first clue" is that > you yave an animal or human. Hi Bill well again iam pretty much ideogram oriented in my RV. if a scan comes up with a definite ideogram for a subject then i go along with that, however where no such ideogram appears and yet iam getting "alive" and sentient desciptors then somewhere along the 3rd scan and matrix stages animals will be popping up at some point. Sometimes you dont even get sentient desciptors even for animals or insects but that is rare (for me), the clue is if all 3 scans* show no subject ideograms yet sentient data is produced then ive got to go for animals as my final answer after going over ALL the data. Iam not sure how CRV practitioners proceed with their sessions entirely but in my case i was taught to use the entire session continuously from start to finish probing and analyzing back and forth right though to the end. Peace, Tunde (ps- i use prus TDS method.)*

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