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From: "Jason S. Shapiro" Date: Sat Oct 26, 2002 8:39 pm Subject: Personal PSI Work fetik3 Hello everyone: Over the last few weeks I've decided to start recording my attempts at PSI development. I hope some of the topics found in my posts will encourage each of you to post about your own personal experiences in this, and related areas. In any case, I'd appreciate any comments (positive or negative) you may have regarding my own assumptions / interpretations of the topics in my e-mail. The successes I have had with the analysis and design process in software have encouraged me to apply these techniques onto other areas of my life. This in turn has led me to recognize the lack of focus and direction in my approach to PSI. As an analogy, my approach has been similar to the "code and fix" method. I would read a few books here and there and focus on some methodologies, without consciously knowing why I am doing it (other than the "its interesting" factor) or what the end goal is. Current theories in software engineering state that you cant plan everything up front and expect it all to work as expected in the end. The rules and goals change over time; internal and external events force a successful software project to be contained with a *flexible* process. I think this idea is applicable here: the purpose and results of my studying PSI will probably change as I continue, and therefore I shouldnt "over plan" this process. Nevertheless, some sort of initial direction, scope, and set of goals should be applied. This begins with a simple question. Q. Why am I studying PSI? A. It interests me; and like most things that I find interesting, I am baffled as to the exact reason of why it does. There seems to be some sort of satisfaction/pleasure area of the brain that is programmed to reward us when we make progress of some sort. All I know is that when I start exploring avant-garde music, PSI, or software, I receive a sense of pleasure from the discovery and accomplishments I make. With software, due to educational and vocational requirements, I have had a "plan" set out for me. There is a clear end goal ("become a better software engineer"), and a set of steps to achieve that goal. The higher level goal was "to earn a lot of money, while doing something I enjoy" :) This in turn created a sub-goal of "get a job as a software engineer", which had a sub-goal of its own "become a desirable/valuable resource, by becoming extremely proficient at this skill." Of course, I still enjoy the process itself, and that is where the real pleasure lies. With PSI, it really seems to be stuck at a level of "this is *really* interesting..." I suppose there isnt anything wrong with that. What bothers me is that I have this feeling that there is some bigger motivation, which Ive not admitted to myself at a conscious level. I dont have the feeling its a negative reason which Im blocking out. Rather it seems like I dont have the vocabulary (for lack of a better analogy) to describe to myself what this is all about. Perhaps thats what my end goal is - to find out why I am doing it. With PSI, Ive spend most of my time studying remote viewing. The technique I used was developed by a natural psychic (Ingo Swann) who was interested in deconstructing the psychic process. The end result was a trainable methodology used to produce reliable "target contact." This process was called Controlled/Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). CRV and its derivatives seem to facilitate a "psychic" experience only within the confines of its methodology. What I mean to say is that although my ability to "remote view" has improved over time, it doesn't *seem* to have had an impact on other PSI related skills. For example, when ever I take any of the traditional PSI tests (card guessing, vector direction, etc) I score right around what one would expect by chance. This isn't to say that the scope of what I have developed thus far is an inherent limitation of RV. I have only been practicing this skill for a couple of years, and expect that my development will last a life time. In addition, I am *still* amazed at the quality of work and accuracy of data which can be produced by executing this methodology. It is possible that RV has made some impact that I am not consciously aware of... things that may have been more difficult for me in the past - but since I hadn't used or tested these skills, I wouldn't know how far I have come. Nevertheless, I want to work on developing other low level PSI related skills - the building blocks of higher level PSI abilities, such as simple "PSI card description" - which can be measured by long accepted protocols and tests. I expect that these in turn will increase my PSI abilities all across the board (including improving my ability in remote viewing). I am also very interested in being able to achieve a conscious, verifiable, out of body experience. As far as I am concerned, this is as interesting as it gets :) To this end, I've started going through the Monroe Institute's Gateway Experience course. The Monroe Institute is most famous for their founder, Robert Monroe, who popularized the concept of "Out of Body Experiences" with his book "Journeys Out of the Body." I've started and stopped this a few times now, but am determined to get through it this time. Basically this course uses a technique called "Hemi-Sync"; a patented technology that facilitates a "binaural beat" (one frequency is played in one ear, a second frequency is played in the other ear, which causes the brain to produce a third frequency; this produces certain brain wave states which are more conducive to meditative states). This course is a 21 CD (7 volumes) exploration of ones consciousness/reality. I believe that this course will have a positive, measurable affect on my normal-waking conscious PSI abilities. In order to determine the affect this course has had on me, Ive decided to do some "benchmarking.". I started with a deck of cards, and tried to predict what the next color would be (two choices - red/black; 52 cards; expected results by chance: 26 "hits", 26 misses). My guess is that I would have results expected by chance, and I basically did... 30 hits, 22 misses. As I start measuring progress, I am going to have to take some added measures to make sure other non- PSI techniques dont influence the results (i.e. add more decks of cards, but only use a sub set of the whole to prevent "card counting"). At this point, I think having one deck is fine... I hardly think anyone would accuse me of rigging my initial benchmark to produce results expected by chance :) After going through that exercise, I listened to the 2nd exercise off of the 1st disk of the Gateway Experience. Ive found that I often "click-out" during the course. That is to say, I fall asleep, wake up and often dont realize that it has even happened. When I was listening to this exercise the other day, I literally heard the first five minutes of the relaxation technique, and then immediately heard "now Im going to count backwards and bring you back to waking consciousness..." It truly felt like "lost time" rather than having fell asleep. The following are notes on what activities I recalled doing, and some comments on what I experienced, which may or may not be what was actually taught. Ive found on subsequent listens that Ive often misunderstood what was being said; probably due to "clicking-out" in mid sentence. Also the "Session Trigger" probably has little meaning to anyone without having gone through the course. Its similar to a hypnosis session. Through a guided meditation/suggestion, you are able to plant an arbitrary "trigger" to cause a specific reaction. Without having gone through the process of planting the trigger, it is not likely to do much of anything. I merely list this for my own benefit to compare and contrast what I *thought* it was supposed to do through each listen. *10/19/02* Disk 1 - Track 2 - "Discovery

#2: I

ntroduction to Focus 10" @ Energy Conversion Box (a technique for removing anything that may inhibit your ability to focus on the session) @ Resonant Tuning (a breathing / vocal technique) @ Focus 3 - Mind/Brain Synchronization @ 10 Point Relaxation Technique @ Focus 10 - Mind Awake, Body Asleep @ Session Trigger: a technique to stimulate mental alertness - place fingers of the right hand on the back of the neck and think "1." @ Session Trigger: a technique to remember anything from our physical consciousness experience, place the fingers of the right hand on the center of the forehead. Later that evening... Disk 2 - Track 1 - "Discover

#3 -

Advanced Focus 10" @ Energy Conversion Box @ Resonant Tuning and Resonant Energy Balloon (a technique for protection) @ -- It seemed that this one elaborated a bit more on the resonant tuning by having the energy enter through the whole body rather than just have the energy enter and stay in the head. Although later when making the balloon, it sounded like we were back to the "energy is stored in the head." @ Focus 10 - Mind Awake, Body Asleep @ Tool: To go back into Focus 10, just picture the number "10" in a circle, or just think and say the number. @ -- It seems I'm missing something here. Had an experience where all of a sudden I felt like I was floating, looking down at a barefoot. I knew it couldn't be mine since I was wearing socks. But it felt real; it felt like for a split second I was out of my body. I'll definitely need to do this one over again. Reply | Forward


From: "Jason S. Shapiro" Date: Sun Oct 27, 2002 1:18 pm Subject: Re: Personal PSI Work fetik3 BTW - If this wasn't obvious, I was copying my journal entry from another site, and posting it here. The visitors who frequent my portion of that site, have little to no knowledge about RV, OOBE, etc. That's why I added little summary explanations. Given the focus of this list, such information is just clutter; I'll try to do a better job and filter out information like that in future posts. -Jason

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