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From: "dennanm" Date: Mon Aug 19, 2002 11:49 pm Subject: PJRV List Business: New Applicants dennanm In the files section, in the administrative folder, you can see the file that gets auto-sent to people requesting membership, and the file that gets auto-sent to people who've been denied membership. I've denied about 11 people membership this month because they never sent any kind of intro email. (As you see, the denial notice mentions this, and mentions they can contact me.) With 5 I sent them a 'reminder' notice. I mean I'm not asking for a big formal thing, just a note of hello so we have some idea who they are. Apparently few want to share so much as a hello, which probably means they would be useless on a discussion list anyway if they can't discuss anything! -- but I'm thinking, geez, is it something about the way I'm going about this? Would appreciate some PEMs if any of you see something in the response to request-for-subscription file that should maybe be worded differently. I'm wondering if I'm running people off or something. I grant I can be really annoying without even trying sometimes, but in this case that surely wasn't exactly my intention... PJ

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