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From: Pame Date: Thu Aug 22, 2002 4:32 pm Subject: PJRV Practice Target Sessions elittlestar I am confused to how or what, doing your posted targets are about as far as posting sessions.. and if they were sent in what difference would it make if you have the targets posted as just targets you can just see anytime anyway... So at what point would someone send a session to you and why if feed back was not something that was not posted later... Pame -------------------- Moderator's note: Hi Pame, I think some people misunderstand. I do NOT ask anybody to send me their sessions. On the ARV would've been nice, but I'm not doing those now. On all the regular targets, they are put up so people can do them whenever they want - although there may be discussion on them from the week after they're posted, but I make sure there is something about target# in the subject title so folks could avoid those msgs if they want. The feedback goes up when the targets do. The targets are posted mostly for people who don't have another source of decent targets in a 'range' more apropo to intermediate viewers than beginners. I assume anyone halfway serious about RV needs to practice once in awhile at least. I'd like to 'someday' see some session comments from someone else (I think Tunde and Merrywell posted a few but otherwise...). So for those who don't HAVE targets... I do not ask for sessions because I feel viewer development is not a time for 'proof'. I think there is a subtle inference that a viewer on a list having a discussion about their session "might be lying" and one doesn't know unless they sent the session prior to feedback, hence everyone does that, like it doesn't count otherwise. Well in 'demonstration' situations I agree, but for practice and development, I don't. Since there is no value in lying about one's sessions in a private group designed to get possible insight from others on one's processing or problems, I just figure people can talk about what their experience was, share whatever things they want and not what they don't want. I have no reason to doubt them. (Actually, this is not fair. There are positive reasons to share sessions on a list. I'm just not into that right now.) Psychology is the biggest issue in RV, and for me at least, even with terrible or good sessions, I feel a real sense of 'performance stress' in those situations. Now maybe I am just neurotic or something, but I figure if I feel that way, a few others might too. When I feel comfortable enough with my viewing, I will do public stuff. Right now I don't. So I talk about what I can - even the bad things - but I don't feel obliged to scan my sessions (what a pain) and send them to anybody first. I only do that if the session examples something specific I want to talk about. So I don't ask that of anyone else. -- Regards, PJ

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