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From: "Palyne Gaenir" Date: Thu Aug 1, 2002 2:20 am Subject: Post Deadline for All Members dennanm Hi folks, If you have not posted on this list since it began nearly a month ago, please come up with SOMETHING to post in the next three days. You can respond to the experiential posts of others if you haven't got anything of your own to share - just make it something a little thoughtful, not a one-liner. If there is some reason you cannot contribute at least one thing to this list by August 4, better contact me via PEM (pj...s.com). Anybody who hasn't posted by 8/4 will be unsubscribed. The list is more experiential the last few days than it was before -I wouldn't have decided on the move-to-private had it been this way a week sooner! -- but I already made the decision. I want a group of people who participate -- if that means a tiny list, oh well. If the tiny list is filled with the only people who were participating anyway, it is not a loss -- the number on yahoo's stats means nothing to me. :-) For those new to the list, a few recently: As of August 4, this list is going 'private'. We will be removed from the directory. Any new members will have to be invited, or petition for entry, and if I don't know the person, the group will essentially vote or comment on them prior to their entrance. Member identities will also become visible to all members at that time. It is my hope that being in a more 'safe' or less public environment will sponsor more comfort with sharing of personal development experiences, both in and out of RV. Best regards, PJ

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