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From: "dennanm" Date: Wed Aug 7, 2002 8:18 pm Subject: Potential New Member: Rachel dennanm > Note from PJ: > This is an introductory post from Rocheleh > Here is the procedure we should take for this, > now that our list is private: > 1. I will post an intro message from someone > who would like to join. > 2. If you have anything to say about the person, > send email to me at pj...s.com. I was going > to do a poll/vote, but that's sort of extreme and > a bigger deal than I want to make this. > 3. If nobody tells me the person is a known psycho > stalker or communications fright (we have enough in > RV already don't we?!) within 2 days or so, I will > subscribe them to the list. > - PJ Hello, This is my introductory e-mail for the pjrv list. I'm an 18-year-old (18.5 to be more precise) Jewish girl. (Don't worry: even though I'm fairly observant, I haven't come here to preach or anything - but since this is one of the key notions around which I describe myself, I thought I'd mention it.) You can call me Rachel, Rocheleh, Who- Blew-My-Light-Bulb?, or whatever you wish. Having just finished high school, I'll study psychology at university from this September on. My interest in the paranormal in general dates back three years (if I count correctly - it was a turbulent period), when I started having experiences that could be categorized under this header - mostly of the RSPK sort, not enough to send furniture flying like in the movies, but sufficient to drive my family and friends to desperation. Add the more than occasional ESP here and there; it was no wonder I thought either I or the world was going crazy. I responded to the situation with reading everything even remotely related to psi I could put my hands on. Having been a student of science subjects, I predictably ended up with scientific parapsychology as my paradigm of choice, but that didn't give me too much on the practical side. It was also in these times, around three years ago, when I saw Joe McMoneagle on local television. I was fascinated by what he said, and followed with looking around on the net - I even found PJ's website. I read the CRV manual, but it looked too complicated, plus the theory seemed like the most eclectic thing I'd seen in my entire lifetime, excluding a few buildings in my area. From radar to Freud and back - no, not my thing, I thought. For a long time, the above-described (and rather desperate) search for a usable method continued. Coupled with a family crisis, and after that, the struggle for university admittance - I only got back to serious study of psi this summer, when these issues were resolved. (To the better, thank G-d.) I re-read what I stored in the previous years, with more attention and less hopelessness. After some time, I inevitably bumped into CRV, and it caught my eye. The people involved seemed to have a different approach from the weirdos one could find around some other methods: RV didn't promise to be the ultimate, 100% something, it didn't say that it was easy "Learn in an hour", etc. Its promises seemed realistic and believable. And (and this is a really big plus for me) it was structured. It had a set of guidelines I could follow - I wouldn't be lost if I tried doing it. The final push toward starting was reading about what personalities suited RV. When I saw how emphasized the need for structure was in that text, I thought this was for me. And to hell with the theory; if it works, it works. Based on what I've read plus my small attempts this far, it does. I realized the best thing would be travelling to the US and attending the courses at Lyn Buchanan's. But given my financial circumstances (in other words: I'm dead broke) and the great distance, I won't be able to do so in the near future. So, while everyone was saying that this was a skill not suited for "learning from the book", I thought "Hey! Even if I learn it in 2-3 times the time than with an instructor, it's still better than sitting and wasting my time away." If I had proper feedback (ie. not sitting blindfolded) and enough time, I could learn to drive a car "from the book", without an instructor. It's still a bold attempt, but by no means impossible. I've just started practicing Stage 1-2, with targets I found all over the Web. I quickly realized that, as PJ put it, "At best, many such targets may offer little data for one in an introductory phase. At worst, they may be confusing or deeply upsetting.". Having found no specifically max. Stage 2 targets, I thought for a while and came up with a solution today; most of the images on http://www.confluence.org/ seem usable, now I just have to generate randomised coordinates and assign them to the images with some little software that leaves me blind about the real one. Here I stand today. I know I'm a beginner, therefore if I get approved, I'll probably shut up for quite some time, busily read the messages, and practice till I get convinced that I can ask/say something without getting RTFM back. (This post is probably longer than the sum of what I'll post the next month.) I'd like to take part because this is just what I need right now (at least I think so...): technical, no- nonsense discussion of RV. PJ's posted targets are also a great incentive - based on the Firedocs website, they must be of great value. They urge me to practice, so that some time ahead, I could try my skills at them. I hope I haven't ended up with a too long introduction. if so, please excuse me. Also, English is a foreign language to me, so please excuse the mistakes and my being unclear at times. Rachel

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