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From: Rocheleh Date: Thu Nov 14, 2002 8:20 am Subject: Products of sleep deprivation and long weekdays rochelehhakt... A few gems that I produced while trying to reply to Bill and falling asleep at the same time - even though I discarded most of those drafts, I thought I might share the funnier parts. - [Saying I don't have an excuse for my sleepiness because] I played a Japanese video game for almost two hours earlier this day, ouch! Something I haven't done in ages, but still, my conscience is eating at me - "Darling, you should've done a session!" Geez, my superego is a Jewish Grandmother. Well, if I ever try out PJ's new method, would someone please remind me to ask the Yiddishe Mame aspect of mine, too? - When Dr. May says all PK is precognition, I'd rather work the other way round, all precognition is PK (LOL!) - I'm falling awake, - I won't write more replies now, I'm going back to the family for the weekend and I was asked by my brother (who's the only one in the family whom one can talk to about psi) not to do practise while I'm there, and in his opinion, that includes correspondence about psi. While I *could* write replies so that he wouldn't necessarily know, I gave my word not to and I'm trying to keep by that. So, when I was finally catching up on my incoming e-mail... Oh, well. See you next week! Rachel

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