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From: "Eva " Date: Fri Jan 31, 2003 2:04 am Subject: Pru's Healing method k9caninek9 OK, here is the short form of Pru's healing system, short in that I will explain it without every tiny detail. As I mentioned, I emailed Pru to make sure it was OK for me to blab it all on the list and she said it's OK. First, she does two 'scans.' I'm not going to go into all the details of a scan. It may be easier for those accustomed to alternate methods to adapt their own methods than to start all over. But the basic idea of the healing scan (which is somewhat diff from other TDS scans) is do an ideogram and translate it. NOte that the ideos may be diff than the ones you usually get for other types of targets. Then probe the ideo along the area you feel represents the 'inside' of a person. This will give internal body info. THen probe the ideo in the area you feel represents the 'outside' of the person. THis will give you stuff like symptoms of the problem. Then probe the emotional state of the person. (I guess unless you are doing CRV and do not do that kind of thing..) Those probes are just short little grabs for info. After that, do a little free flow writing down of whatever comes to you and then do a sketch. ONe scan usually fills about one page. Now I said do two scans. In the first scan, you do the diagnosis. Basically, you just know the first one is for diagnosis and then it will be. This will give you an indication of the problem at hand and it's various aspects. In the second scan, you are scanning for what the person would be like in a healthy state of balance for them. You would do the scan the same only with this other goal in mind. SOmetimes what is the best chance for a person may not be what you think. THe goal of this scan is to rv their best possible state so you will know what to go for. This may also end up being some advice you can give them like lose weight or whatever. After the 2 scans and about 2 pages, you take a fresh sheet of paper and draw what can be called a gingerbread man, basically just the general form of a person with arms legs and a head. Around this shape, draw a secondary outline that would be like the aura of the person. Now you probe all over the inside person with your pen and pick up whatever info and write it to the side with lines indicating what area it pertains too. You can get almost anything including old injuries, arthritis, stiffness, etc. Everybody's got something. I even get stuff like how fit they are, hair color, etc, although technically that's not what you are looking for. But hey, I figure info is info and I'll take it! After you probe the inside, then probe all over the outside aura area for all kinds of more esoteric stuff (not my strong point so I don't have a lot to say in that dept). Then finally, the last part is consciousness mapping. This is the part that might irk the CRVers the most. Take a new sheet of paper and on the top half, draw a circle with an 'X' through it. The ends of the X pass through the outline of the circle and a bit beyond. Label the appendages of the X as CC on top left, CT on top right, SC on the bottom left, and ST on the bottom right. CC=conscious condition, CT=conscious thoughts, SC=subconscious condition, and ST=subconscious thoughts. You are basically going to probe these 4 areas so below the circle and X, make four columns with appropriate labels of each of the 4 categories. You are going to write your results in the appropriate columns. In order to probe, put your pen in the center of the X and trace along one of the legs of the X to the answer you want. So typically, you would start with pulling out info on CC. PUll the pen from the middle of the X along the line and out past the edge of the circle and as you pull the pen, so shall you get an impression to be written down. Repeat to get another impression. Fill each column as much as seems right to you. Do this by starting in the middle and dragging to one leg of the x until you fill that column and then move on to the next one. This will give you an idea of the whole mental dynamics of the problem. A lot of times, there are mental and emotional issues to be dealt with as well as physical ones. The final aspect is the actual healing intention. Looking at all your stuff, you can make a decision as to what is most needed or you can do as I do which is pick a general term like 'what is most needed.' You write out this intention in the lower echelons of the circle area. You want it in the bottom half cuz you want it to go to the unconscious half of the circle. Write it in and then repeatedly circle it with your pen and then continue with the pen directly into the middle cross point of the X. You are basically circling it and driving it in to the center over and over and over. Do it with strong intent and spend some time on it. That's the end of the system according to Eva. Pru may explain it with a diff slant and I probably left a lot of explanation off, but it gives you enough of an idea to implement it yourself. You can do multiple sessions and you can even do it on yourself. On animals, I believe they often have you draw an animal shape for the gingerbread instead of a human, but it's no big deal either way. You can also pick the time frame you want the session tasked too. Like you may pick at a certain time or at present time or whatever. You are going to be frontloaded in that you know there is a person. Any further frontloading is up to you. Even if you know the person in question and the first parts are difficult, it will still help you to get in tune with the subject so that the healing RI part at the end will be more effective. Obviously, unless it's an animal, you should get permission before doing this, although according to Pru, you will get a feeling that you are not wanted in the session if what you are doing is not right. Like sometimes if the person is in a coma or whatever, then you can only get permission from the family and not the person in question. In that case, they may have to tell you in the session. I don't think that happens much though. One thing I use it for is myself. I am lazy so I just imagine the 'X' in my head and me driving in the intent. I like to do this as I drift off to sleep at night. Two things I like to use are 'what is needed to make me a better rver' and 'what is needed for me to reach my full potential.' Hopefully those things aren't in contradiction to eachother, LOL! -E pjrv : Messages : 2153-2168 of 4038


From: greenmn900... Date: Sat Feb 1, 2003 9:18 am Subject: Re: Pru's Healing method greenmn900... Eva, Thanks a lot. I don't use ideograms but it sounds like this method can be easily mixed into how I RV. The consciousness mapping part is the kind of stuff I'm very comfortable with. I'm going to sort through Pru's method and change it a little to fit in better with how I RV and give it a try Thanks Again, Don. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] Reply | Forward


From: "Eva " Date: Sun Feb 2, 2003 2:28 pm Subject: Re: Pru's Healing method k9caninek9 Yeah, it's easy enough to skip the ideos and just ask for the info directly. I like the idea of going for the balanced state in the second scan. It can give a new perspective on the prob. First you get the prob, then you get the healthy state and potential solutions. I think part of the idea is that if you focus on a negative things too much, you run the danger of reinforcing it. It's kind of like how happy people tend to bring happiness to them because they focus on happiness. Those who thoroughly believe that nothing works for them often find out they are correct. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. In a similar way, I think it helps to work on this issue in RV. Focus on being positive about your own abilities. DECIDE that whatever method you are using, it WILL work. Don't worry that it won't work, decide that it will. I've been doing this lately and it really seems to be helping my rv. It's kind of like I usually play my cards close to my body and now I am learning to stick my neck out and really stretch out in the session and not constrain myself as much with doubts and worries. IT's that old saying that you make your own reality. I think that is even more true for rv than it is normally. Also, you can have your wife work on herself in her own session. It works just as well as if someone else were doing it. You can also make it an ongoing thing to kind of concentrate the power of it. Really focus hard on that healthy state that you want. -E --- In pjrv...oups.com, greenmn900...ote: > Eva, > Thanks a lot. I don't use ideograms but it sounds like this method can be > easily mixed into how I RV. The consciousness mapping part is the kind of > stuff I'm very comfortable with. I'm going to sort through Pru's method and > change it a little to fit in better with how I RV and give it a try > Thanks Again, > Don.

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