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From: keb Date: Tue Jul 30, 2002 3:10 am Subject: Psi & Craps (gambling) mesundo Hi All, In the mid 1980's unconscious thoughts of the number 12 started coming through to my awareness. I knew that these thoughts were from my unconscious because of experiencing this type of thought many times in the past. The unconscious thought was different than my ordinary thoughts in that the UC thought was "soft&quick". It would be like a much lower" voltage" thought than my ordinary thinking and it would come "faster" than my ordinary thoughts. One day,while driving, a thought of the number 12 popped into my mind and a second or two later I saw a number 12 on a sign. This happened about 5 or 6 times within a period of about15minutes.I would get a thought of the number 12 and a couple of seconds later see the 12 somewhere. The next day the same sequence of events would happen, I'd have a thought of the 12 and couple seconds later my vision would focus on something containing the number twelve. On the third day, this happened about 10 or 12 times and it finally occured to me that my uconscious may be trying to tell me something :-). The first chance I had I went to a book store to see if I could find anything in a dream or numerology book. I look through them but did not find anything that stood out and decided that I would go to a new age bookstore to see if I could find anything there. But first I thought I'd browse around and see if any new Castaneda books were out. After I put back a book on dreams, I turned around, and on a shelf behind me there was a bright green book that caught my eye.The title was "Winning Casino Craps". I started looking through the book and came across a section call "Proposition Bets". It stated that the pay off for a 2 or 12 bet was 30 to 1. Thirty to one on a 12?!!! No, this couldn't be my " 12", Or could it? Let's see, I put $10 on the 12 and I win $300. I then put the 300 down and I end up with $3000. Now I'm really getting excited. Could this possibly be the reason behind my UC sending me the "12"? It wants to reward me for something? Lets see... I do my daily meditations, I don't deny any experience that my UC gives me, I'm always on the alert for any signs or omens,yea, why not, I might deserve this boon ! :-) I buy a couple of books about craps and now I'm on a quest for a pair of dice. After looking through 4 or 5 stores,I finally locate a pair of dice and I'm on my way home. I get home and decide to test my theory out. I sit down on the floor and start rolling the dice. After a short time,as I am getting ready to roll the dice, the thought (12) popps in. I throw the dice, I look, and its the number 12 !!! I can't hardly believe it! I keep rolling the dice for about another 1/2 hour and every time the 12 popped into my mind, I rolled a 12!!!. Now I have to learn the basics of craps, so I start reading the books I bought and practice. I read that the 12 will come up on an average of once every 35 times the dice are rolled, and not knowing how long it will take for the 12 to pop in, and since I have gambling budget of $300, I decide on a strategy that calls for a table that permits a $1 minimum bet. This should allow me sufficient time at the table until the 12 pops in. A few weeks later my wife and I check in at the Atlantis Casino in Atlantic City and I'm wondering if the "12" will be there for me. The only time the "12" came to me in the last few weeks was when I was rolling the dice. And that was ok with me! :-) I can only find one table at the Atlantis that has a $1 minimum and I can't get near it because of the crowd. We decide to go to another casino and my wife heads for the slots and I go look for a $1 table. I find one and manage to squeeze in. I'm at the table no more that 3 or 4 minutes and the "12" pops in. I try to put my money down but I am nowhere near the betting area on the table where the 12 bet is placed! The number rolled is a.....12!!! No big deal. I know if my UC wants me to win, no one can stop me. :-) I manage to squeeze in at the area where you place the proposition bet (12). I'm there a few minutes and the "12" pops in. I start fumbling for some chips to place a bet and when I finally get the chips on the 12 the shooters arm is coming down and throws the dice. Before the dice hits the table, the dealer tells me my bet is no good.I placed the bet too late. The number comes up.....12!!! The next time I will be ready. I'll have my chips in my hand and I know that I have 2or 3 seconds to place the bet . If I stay alert I can have the bet placed in one second. Before the next shooter throws the dice one of the crew members changes the minimum to a $5 bet. I'm thinking that as often as the 12 is coming up, maybe I should change to $5 betting. I decide to stay with my original strategy and leave the table. I look around but don't see any $1 tables. I'm in no hurry, and decide to find my wife and play some slots. We go to a couple of casinos, look around and end up back at the Atlantis. We play the slots for a while and she gets tired and decides to go to our room. I walk her to the room and tell her that I'm going back and finish off the 1/2 cup of quarters in the slots and then find a $1 crap table. I leave the room and get on the elevator. I must have hit the wrong button because the elevator stopped on the 1st floor instead of the lobby, where the tables and slots were. As I got off the elevator I could see the stairway leading to the lobby,so I just walked over to the steps. As I walked towards the steps I passed a room with the doors open and lights on. I looked in as I walked by and saw some crap tables. I walked into the room and there were three crap tables on each side of the room and everyone had a $1 minimum tag on it! Way to go.. UC! :-) The only people in the room were a man and woman( dealers) behind each of the tables. I thought that they had just opened the room and were waiting for people to come in. I was hoping that it was not for a private party because all the women and men were dressed in western type uniforms. The women had black and white checkered skirts,white blouse,vest, and a green plastic visor on their head.The men had black pants and vest and a white shirt with bolo tie,and a green visor on their head.That is what made me think that there was a private party getting ready to start. As I walked into the room the dealers were looking down at the tables and as I walked by each table, they would glance up,make eye contact, and give a faint smile,but said nothing. I had a 1/2 cup of quarters in my hand and I did not see any place to cash them in, so I decided to go feed the slots and come back later when some more people would be in the room. The slots were hungry, so it only took me about 10 or15 minutes to empty the cup. When I went back to the stairs leading to the room on the first floor, there was a chain blocking entrance to the stairway. I thought I might be at the wrong stairway so I looked around the casino for the right one. I did not find another leading to the room so I decided to go to the elevator by my room and get off on the first floor and go to the room. Well, the elevator would not stop on the first floor, the elevator stopped at the lobby! I get off the elevator and walk to the stairs with the chain across. I'm thinking that they are having a private party and blocked the stairs. I undo the chain, walk up the stairs,and when I get to the first floor I can see the room on my left. When I get to the room, the door is shut and locked. This is definitely the room because I recognize the lobby area from that location. I feel something is really wrong. They should not have been able to close up that quick. Why didn't they tell me that they were closing when I walked into the room? Why didn't the elevator stop at the 1st floor for me? I walk down the stairs to the lobby, find a pitt boss (supervisor) and ask him what happened to the party in the room with the crew dressed in western outfits. He tells me that the only place in the casino that has any gambling is in the lobby and that the crews never wears costumes. Now,was that the Twilight Zone or what!! Needless to say that I did not win my thousands (lol) and the twelve never "popped" in again. I just wonder why my unconscious went to such a elaborate long scheme to give me that experience. My ego reaction to that experience(the room) is a story in itself. I believe that it is possible to win money using ARV or any type of PSI...if it is in the interest of the unconscious....Not the egos' desires.. Regards, Ken ------------------------- Moderator's Note: Wow! That's a way cool account! Somehow, I'm reminded of stories in the Casteneda genre, or people/situations that are 'normal yet unusual' showing up in someone's reality, and the person not even realizing that the people they meet are like... um.... well, from another reality, but aware of who they are visiting and why. It really makes me wonder what would have happened if you'd played in the room while you could, asked for help changing money, whatever. It's like for a moment you just stepped sideways into another reality or something. :-) Love that story! -- PJ

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