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From: greenmn900... Date: Tue Nov 12, 2002 8:53 am Subject: Re: Psi Genetics [was McMoneagle on Strieber's Dreamland] greenmn900... Hi. I think Terri is right about the reasons for celtic people to seem to be more inclined toward demonstrating psi. Among the northen European peoples, the celts have always been more accepting of this type of thing. I know in my family (I'm Scottish), having 'the sight" as my greatgrandmother called it, is not really an unusual thing. The basic idea is that all have it, some more than others, and a very few have the sight very strongly. it's also thought to be somewhat hereditary. But I think it's probably just a case of psi being more accepted in this culture than in most others, even if this effect is a subtly unconscious one. Another example of this is the high rates of posession claimed in Haiti, where it is actually part and parcel of the Voodoo religion. Does it realy occur more frequently among Haitian people, or does it just seem that way because they are more open to it? Or does it really occur more frequently because they ARE open to it? Best regards, Don

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