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From: Richard Krankoski Date: Sat Jan 4, 2003 11:26 pm Subject: Re: Psyche-building Rich_crv > Night before last I played "Battleship" [...] > This is like the ultimate dowsing game! Wow, what a great way to test someones psi ability. Don't need no boring cards. :) Rich Reply | Forward


From: greenmn900... Date: Sun Jan 5, 2003 8:34 am Subject: Re: Psyche-building greenmn900... PJ, > You Wrote: > "I like the idea of occasionally experimenting > with different forms of psi -- different RV methods, > but also different things entirely, such as Tarot > or scrying or whatever. They all seem to bring out > different aspects of us. In the past when I've tried some of these methods you named, for me it was essentially like RV. However, one difference was that with Tarot cards and the I-Ching, I DID get a different type of data, just as you suggested in an earlier post. But that could have been a result of the kinds of targets I had when I tried those. Scrying, which I still do a lot of, is almost exactly like RV. For me, the biggest difference is that in scrying my eyes are open when the data is coming in. I usually have my eyes closed in RV. Another difference in scrying is that it seems to take longer for the data flow to start than it does with RV. I like your idea about approaching the same target using different methods. I think it would be excellent practice and a great way to become proficient in each area. Warm Regards, Don

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