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From: "threebears4u" Date: Thu Aug 1, 2002 10:04 am Subject: Psychic Development--- Meditation threebears4u Hi Everyone, I would like to most sincerely share with you a meditation process that I experienced that really works for psychic development. It is a process, that for about 8 weeks, or more if you so choose, you go through this process to be the best that you can be--sort of like living the goodness of your heart through love, or becoming your 'higher self'. I had some profound experiences with this meditation and I would really like to share it, so that all that want to, may choose this experience. I used a red candle with a picture of Christ because of my Christian background, but you could use any candle that feels right for you. The kind I used you can buy in th egrocery store for about $1.39 that is already in a glass jar with a picture on it. I kept this burning for most of the 8 weeks. If it goes out--just light it up again--no problem---it is the intentions that count. I also used a rose quartz during this meditation, because it is the stone that is known for it's Love energy. Your hands will be on this stone during the meditation to help you feel the love energy. Also you will need to pick out a piece of beautiful meditation music-- something that you can 'feel love' from the notes when it plays. This music should not have words, as it will distract you from your purpose, which is to feeling the love from the music as it plays and extracting this love and bringing it down through your crown chakra and into your heart chakra and sending it out into the world or worlds. Start playing your music............................................. Now you are ready to begin. What I did, was i said a prayer, and then i silently to myself I confessed any transgressions ( Bad thoughts,ect) to God and I asked (silently) for his forgiveness. Then, I forgave myself. ( because I am here to learn, and not to hold onto this matter, but to move onward ) Next, silently, I forgave any transgressions against myself, and I sent them love energy. This process put me as close to the 'state of grace' that I could achieve to get the most out of the experience---with the object being to experience your 'higher self'. Now, with that out of the way,and nearest to the 'state of grace' that I can be, I listen to the music and feel the love--it is beautiful---I give all of my thoughts to the words and pull the love out of the air, through my crown chakra and down into my heart. Then I send it out into the world, worlds, or universe. I keep doing this concentrating on love and the wonderful love energy going through my crown and out into the world. This is so wonderful it just had to be experienced. Do not be afraid of anyone or wnything that comes into your meditation for they are coming from love and universal law says like attracts like--so they can only be there for your good, and are there to teach you. At the end of 8 weeks of this meditation, a beautiful voice told me that i now had a beautiful white aura around me. I opened my eyes, and I didn't see anyone--they were gone. When I went to my meditation class the next week, I was stopped by some lady i never met and told she could feel my aura. then she said she could see it. Then the man next to her said the same thing. I asked and neither had ever seen or felt an aura before. I guess this was confirmation to me that something did happen as a result of the meditation, as other good things happened too. My psychic awareness really opened up, and all of a sudden I could do things I was never aware I could do before. This doesn't cost and thing but your time, but the results can be fantastic. Your intentions of your heart do matter in this, so if you are going to do this, please be sincere to get the most out of it. Good journey to you, Barbara

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