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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Fri Mar 14, 2003 9:31 am Subject: Public Queries from Firedocs pjgaenir To change the subject a bit from my posts of late -- Last night, realizing I am as usual way behind on my public email (I try to respond to everybody, but it may take 6 months) - right now I have a couple months of incoming Firedocs contact forms to respond to - I started thinking that it might be educational for folks on the list to see the kind of questions I get from the public. So I excluded all email sent to me directly, which is about half of what I get. I excluded all super-long contact form posts, and excluded all that were highly personal, and excluded all that were from people I knew, and excluded all that were related to getting in touch with someone else in the RV field besides me, and a few other trivial things, which of course took out a ton of them. What is left at the moment - some responded to, most not, some are old, some are new - are only around 60 messages. I've taken off personal names, signatures and contact info so as not to violate peoples' privacy. I thought it might be an interesting insight for others to see "raw" the public perception that comes in my email box. For those who have wondered to me, do people with middle east IPs ever inquire about RV? Sure. Do people who are paranoid ever email? God yes. Do people ever offer money for viewing? Yes. And so on. In the below posts, my favorite of the month -- I get at least one of this "caliber" per few months -- is the one about ANT. ;-) -- PJ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: ive been fasinated with the concept of remote viewing ever since i read a book by dean kootnz, whos story line invloved the subject of remote viewing,ive been interested in it for a while now.although ive tried unsuccesfully to remote view its still a subject i would like to learn more on.my question may seem a bit odd but i was wondering is it possible for a person to remote view whilst asleep and dreaming? i have very personal reasons for asking this question so i would be very interested if i get a responce. thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: hi PJ, thanks for the great info on remote viewing. I've really learned alot from your web-site. i'm thinking about buying about buying a home course from THE ACADAMY OF REMOTE VIEWING or from SILVA MIND CONTROL and i was wondering if u could give me some advice towards which one to buy? i've heard good things about both schools but i'd really appreciate your opinion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Irecently just read David Moorehous's book. I was fascinated and would like to know how I can try to rv. Is there a website or book that explains the prccess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I am about to drop $1000 on David Morehouse's CRV course, Do you think that it is worth it if you want to learn how to CRV more accurately. I already, through my own practice using Robert Monro Hemisync tapes, can do RV on my own or OBEs. I want to get better accuracy and better control as well as better ability to do it at will. In your opinion, can this money be better spent? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: PSYCHIC ATTACK ANY BOOKS ON PSYCHIC ATTACK PLEASE EMAIL ME. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I am very interested and fascinated by all areas of Remote Viewing. Can you tell me if images of people or places that suddenly and very briefly appear to me while I am in a relaxed state with my eyes closed are a form of R.V? These images are very clear and appear like a photograph. On one occasion I had just shut my eyes and appeared to be flying over a field and the image I got of the area was very vivid. I look forward to hearing from you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I recently discovered that some of the people who live around me are using remote viewing to spy on me and invade my privacy. Is there any way to block this invasion? Please advise. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: what is the nature and essence of light and sound, as well as well as geomotry in creation//? hAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO REMOTE VIEW THE Hebrew language to see if it contained some hidden mystery? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: i want to learn all about it. PLease write back with detailed instuctions on how i can go about doing that. it would really mean a lot to me thank you so much. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: As you may very well know, a good critical thinker and practitioner of RV and Psionics must gather as much data as he/she has time, critique that data and come to his/her best reasonable conclusion based on the results if that person is to come to the truth (or at least the closest thing to it). Now I have not found any data that could be considered unbiased or "solid" (I do not like to rely on testimonials). I would be very grateful if you could direct me to information that would be considered 'factual', 'unbiased', etc. or direct me to someone who can. I appreciate your time and please keep up the good work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: i'm belgium so if my english is'nt very well i'm sorry. i have a question about remote viewing. I surrely believe in it but what are the dangers. For myself (emotional guy), i had a relationship for four years and a few month ago my girlfriend went to china for a month. At the aerport of departure i didn't feel well at all, i felt really bad, also fysical. Ik knew something was going wrong. At that time i had the feeling for myself something was wrong in our relationship. I thougt myself about breaking up with no real hard reasons. When she was in China she started a relation with another guy. AFter she was home when i let myself go (i've done that all my life, sort of fading out i think) i saw here vaguely with that guy somewhere in china. It scared me cause it seemed i saw trough here eyes. Something doesn't fit right. Is it possible you change things from emotions or something? It seems my consciesness is still with her and not 100percent with me or something. it really scares me. i hope you understand a bit of what i'm saying. Are there examples of this? It seems I'm very light and memorys from loooong ago come back and things. Let me know something if possible ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Why the hell haven't you or any of your friends thought that perhaps there is a parasitacal abstract to your thinking and feeling? I could tell you about ANT but most people on-line think it is a UFO experience, not to name some people whom write books on it, and are published, besides. If you don't think about ANT and have never heard of it, good for you. My ex-husband was a PJ in the air forces, and I get a lot of ANT from the PJ that is not from my husband. I don't know what or whom screens you from your e-mail, but I'm not so fortunate to be screened from yours. ANT Renee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Lynne McTaggarts book "The Field" seems to be remarkably similar to ideas presented as far back as 1993 by myself in my material entitled "The Force". Disturbingly similar. What do you think? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: if u are i any need of help from my side. please contact me through my email. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: First, a bit about me. I am a military intelligence analyst. I have become quite frustrated in today's world of minimal collections and meaningless or false information. My goal now is to find a better way to learn the truth about targets. In this I have determined that my own mind is the best place to begin. So, I have spent several months now trying to locate a person or group in the military that is willing to teach RV. I want so badly to contribute to my calling but I have had no luck in finding anyone in the military that believes that a group exists. Now the question: Do you have contacts (or know anyone that does) inside the military or other government agencies that still rely on RV? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Sir, I have a section on my website dedicated to Meditationa and Channeling, and I also have a small group on Yahoo. I would like to know if I would be able to include you in our group? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Dear sirs, I read the RV manual and found it interesting regarding psitechs email about copyright? Did they ever present information showing they had rights? Are all these people round the world selling courses based upon this manual? Are they all in breach of copyright? Who has rights to sell courses? Great site! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Can you help me with this question? I want to learn remote viewing and have been searching the web for a school. I live in Northern Virginia, near Washington DC. Do you know of a RV school in the Washington area? I contacted the Farsight Institute, and they have an instructor in Richmond, VA named Matt Pfeiffer. In searching the Web, I have seen some articles, including your comments, about Courtney Brown that make me hesitate. Matt Pfeiffer sounded like a knowledgable instructor over the phone. Matt will provide an intensive 4 day class for $1,000. I would value your feedback as I don't have much information to base my decision on. The Monroe Institute is 3 hours away, and offers classes at approx $1,500 each. But I would have to take the 6 day Voyager class first, which is a pre-req for the 6 day class in Remote Viewing, which is an additional $1,500. Am also considering Paul Smith's RVIS in Austin, TX. Do you have any feedback to offer on RVIS? I have not yet been able to obtain pricing on the RVIS classes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: P.J. - Can you help? I can read where you state that the language of RV speaks in symbol and metaphore. Then I read these 'literaly literal' sessions (complete with illustrations!!) from J. McM. and P.P. and I become perplexed. Which is it? Literal down to each dotted 'I' and crossed 'T' or 'once (twice or three times) removed' symbol and connotation/denotation? PEM response (if any) is fine...Thanks... PS - I am learning that if I 'ask' for the information, I can't complain about how I 'get' the information. Still, there is for me, anyway, this huge gap between symbolic (though accurate-sorta-kinda) information (I completely 'get' Ingo's 'nuclear reactor as a 'steaming tea pot' story) and flat out, drop dead literal hard-core data (i.e. a nuclear reactor as a nuclear reactor...). Can you help? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I will tell you up front that I am fairly new to Remote Viewing. I have recently become very interested in RV and in the last two days have read John McMoneagle's "Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook" While there is a lot of very useful information in this book, one thing that I am still a little in the dark on is how I can go about Remote Viewing personally, specifically I am referring to the method by which I would Remote View. I am wondering if you can provide more information for me about an actual method, not protocol, for Remote Viewing. If this works out for me, I hope to join your RV Oasis after a little practice of my own. So any information you could provide me dealing with specific and fairly uncomplicated methods would be greatly appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I'm unable to determine, specifically, if one can access past events whilst using RV. I've experienced two or three bizarre "dreams" that tell me information; specifically, I am adopted and learned, a few months prior to the event, through a dream, that a distant cousin would give me the identity of my parent(s). I learned the name of my birth father from my adopted cousin a few months after the dream. It was my first contact with her in over thirty years. I wonder if, perhaps, I can access prior events, particularly now that I know my father's identity, I had hoped I might "visit" the past and learn my mother's name. Odd, I know, but unless you've spent your life wondering, you can't imagine. Your input is greatly appreciated. As is this site. Thank you, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Have "invented" a game/cosmic clock based on Stonehenge. Am writing a screenplay on time travel and Stonehenge and the times of Quetzacoatl. Do you have any transcripts or plan any studies of those times? Thank you, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I just found your website and was reading your intro. Question...was remote viewing taught ing the 1950's or early 60's by the government? zener morris? I first discovered references to it on the www 2 years ago after I had been discribing it to my therapist as recovered memories of my being a 6year old child practicing RV for years. I think I was tested and trained in it. I have never read much about it because it causes me to shut down emotionally.I go numb and my mind goes blank. It is like swimming up stream through mud. Today I was looking at a novelty catelogue and it listed a book on remote viewing so I came up to the computer to search and try again to read about it. I found yoursite. I like your frankness and bookmarked it for when I can get through the material. ... I was trained as a child,I can tell people briefly a simplictistic discription of what it is, but have never really read what it is...it is all sort of subconcious. So I shall try again toread what you have to say and know more for sure. I have had expert therapists in this area say I know what I am talking about. I draw can aerial site maps, etc. from memory. It is confusing, sometimes. Was remote viewing ever apart of M-KULTRA? I have not been able to get through those files either. I am not as afraid anymore and I am further along in memory recovery than I use to be. I was born in St. Louis not faar from the airport and MacDonald Douglas in the 50's I moved a way from Missouri when I was seven. I usually do not leave messages on strangers email accounts, but you seem to be very knowlegable with out asking for a fee for information. Thank you again for your site and I would appreciate any information you have on my questions I am not a kook. Just someone trying to discover my past. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Do you know of the mk-ultra project, you can call the fbi in washington or the office in Puerto Rico, to help them understand that the agency including others use psychic detectives or psychics spies for a very long time, they never give me credit, the e-mail of all the fbi offices are in the web...is for a real case... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi PJ, I'm looking for some one to do some remote viewing for my business. Do you know of anyone in the Kansas City area, either on the Missouri or Kansas side? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: i need to know where does one go to confirm if one has extrordinary powers of the mind? i'm one of those people who may. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Side effects. The nightly sweats have lessened now. This is after at an 7 month break. I was emotionally stressed, confused because of these feelings, wondering if I was suffering from paranoia, only later to discover that the thoughts that were seemingly ridiculous, were in fact correct, with regards to a 'close family friend' amongst other things. Things I couldn't possibly know, nor my partner who could not believe what I was telling her at first. ... I found it difficult to adjust to this increase in perception. Reading faces like an open book and withdrawing slightly because of this. Tired of the media and politics, watching people blindly following, watching mind numbing rubbish, wondering why they can't see the manipulation and deceit. I have yet to complete the manual. Hard to describe, it's something like over eating, had to work up an appetite to begin again. From euphoria to wishing I could return to the the mass deep sleep and now back to a relaxed state. Stability. ... Back in March. Something took place. I wrote an email to a site with a particular opinion. I somehow knew that my mail was being read and my private belongings searched through in my office, when I wasn't around. I was silenced at work, pressure, with the threat of ridicule if I opened my mouth. I think they became insecure around me because they were witness to my suspicions, from that they had an understanding, that somehow I found out what they were doing. Invading my privacy. At my work and home. ... Mars. ----- Back in the 80's, when I was a kid, I dreamt about Mars, finding something there, it was so vivid. Tried to figure why this one stuck, Certainly, I thought the chance of me stepping foot on Mars, was remote. Talked about this, several times over the years, boring the hell out of friends. Stunned silence now. I've always, deep down, believed that Mars was not dead and as toxic, as they would have us believe (reverse engineering possibilities must be high on the agenda). ... Sunday 01 2002. I relaxed and began searching through sat photo's. I'd been putting this off for a while. I believe that I have found images that, at least, no civilian has found, as I have not seen these photos published anywhere. They've missed this one, perhaps after a long week. Maybe it's down to someone trying to get the message out. Sending Voyager out of our solar system, with a return address on the side was naive, to say the least, in my opinion. I was drawn to this dark, seemingly boring image. Enhanced it, carefully, improving the visibility, leaving absolutely no room for doubt. ... (I threw up this morning after studying them for a while. A distinct feeling of revulsion took over). I found a field of what looks like eggs or cocoons. Each roughly the same size, about 46 of them. Not weathered to a great degree, if at all. No sand up around them. They look fresh. Angled about 45 degrees from the ground. All facing in the same direction. Warming in the sun?? Look closely at the shadows. These are not sand dunes. Scale 5.05 metres per pixel. I calculated that these 'eggs' are huge. Roughly estimated at around 180 metres in length maybe more (equal to a 60 floor tower block?). ... I will pass them onto you if you are interested. If you want confirmation, go to the site, d/l the Nasa viewer software and right- click the text file for the image**! (yes I know...odd). In the software, select contour palette and you'll see what I'm talking about. Mars Global Surveyor. http://ida.wr.usgs.gov/graphical.htm Image: e0300157 The area in question is in the top part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: very rarely do i send comments... but the info on your website was so well written, organized and reliable that i had to send you a shot out. thanks for doing such a bang up job on this subject matter and separating the signal from the noise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I Recently read a book called Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse. It is a self biogrophy(story like) on Mr Morehouse as an RV in the CIA StarGate project. Maybe it was poetic license or maybe it was true but in one RV session the author talks about not going to a target as such but doing what he referred to as an "open search". In doing this open search the author visited a different race/culture/world which was having an imporant occurence. From my own personal studies Astral Travel seems more related to visiting other races and exploring other planets. Since this is the only reference to other races in any RV document i was curious to its merit and the obvious relationship that it has with Astral Travel. Any information you could offer me would be much appreciated. Thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hello---My question re remote viewing is: After one goes through the training, or even begins the training, can one be "open" to unsolicited or spontaneous perceptual intrusions? Can developing the circuitry for getting impressions leave one vulnerable to the sensory environment? I have psychically sensitive friends who seem too open a lot of the time and it seems an uncomfortable kind of existence. Please advise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Are there any differences between Psi Tech's TRV and CRV? Are there any subtle differences in the way information is ordered and processed through the different stages? Or are they exactly the same? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: hi, thank you for having the manual online. i really started to get allergic to wannabes with a "i am the man" attitude. in all fields. so your website and your history really is a relief to my approach to rv. i wanted to make a couple of targets and noticed that i have troubles with step number ONE ... what is a correct COORDINATE? the manual does not say anything and i have not found a definition - altough thats what the manual seems to be best at. everyone seems to be pretty natural about what is a coordinate ... coordinated remote viewing ... the C - the first letter - remains undefined ... so ... what is a proper coordinate? how is it defined? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hello PJ. I just visited the McMoneagle remote viewing web site. and found that he no longer gives viewings. since I have no interest in joining any clubs or commiting my self to learning the skill of remote viewing. Could you recommend some other Trusted companies or individuals who will do remote viewing for a FEE ? I was suprised not to find this question in your Q/A section. Thanks !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: How long was the standard DIA remote viewing traning? (months). How much time is 2 much? I am trying to do half an hour a day. Is this enough? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi, I have tried to find good descriptions for beginners on how to begin CRV-practicing, but haven't found any. I have understood there are ways to study CRV and not pay thousands of dollars for it. Where could I find good beginner's instructions, excercises, etc? Can I practice it alone or do I definitely need a monitor? In Northern Europe where I live it's almost impossible to find any CR-viewers. Is there any teachers in Sydney, Australia? Thank you very much for help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Please contact me if you have any kowledge of a person or body of science minded types that wish to phsically prove electro magnetic brain contact and the form in witch transmissions are sent and recieved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi, Thank you for some nice information. I'm located in Denmark and this is the first information I have read on the subject (RV), even though I have studied and practiced other types of processes, e.g. Bhakti Yoga and so on& I'm curious about the subject, especially if it's possible to go back though time. There are some scriptures which postulate that there are persons who have the ability to go though time, like the past, present and future. If someone here in the "west" discovered the ability to go though time, it must then be a well kept secret. I would like to get some more information on the subject, so I'll keep on searching. Thank you for your time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Too much to say......I see and hear things in alpha while traveling around with a spirit animal....this morning I heard a man's name.....Alfred Maldeau. I searched the internet for clues to his identity. It lead me here... [snip] I am a remote viewer. Please advise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I was sexually abused as a child and have been throught 4 years of therapy. I didn't notice a the time but I am able to complete all the task mentioned above in the CRV training. I am a project of a conspiracy that will not let me know I have gotten this far on my own and know I am asking for assistance do I have a place. When not on my medication I can make wierd things happen and it scared me because at first I didn't understand the powers that I had but know I do it CRV psi. This all started with the death of my father he was in the military and I am a third generation military child. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hello, I know Joe M./have met with him in VA while participating in a course at the Monreo Inst. Unfortunatly, Joe is no longer making his RV servise avail. I am in need of RV services for a salvage opertaion I am invloved in. Would you be interested in providing your services? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I'm very interested in rv. I was wanting to know if you need to be telepathic or have complete controll over your psichi? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Question when I do remote viewing on sertain topics when I remote view I see the target in color and in 3d as if I were there as an observer and I can shift my view of the target as I see fit. Is this uncomon or unusual and are ther others out there who have had the same experience? I do remote viewing open mindedly to verify historical events and as a fact finding mission and not to verify my own beliefs for I keep my own beliefs out of it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: My job is investigations. I want to learn Remote Viewing in that connection. I am working in Saudi Arabia since last eleven years, and it is not possible for me to go for class room studies or lectures. I shall be extremly grateful, if you could guide me where to start or if there is any good home study program or book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi! I haven't seen Ron Warmoth in more years than I care to remember. His abilities were totally sensational. The man could really do all you say he could do. If Ron is still in the world of the living, pass on my name and E-Mail Address. [note from PJ: I've never heard of this person...!] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I have been searching for awhile to see if there was anything or anybody that had had the same or similer experiences to me.Thank goodness i have at the moment i have only glanced at your site but its just to say thanks because for the first time in yrs i now know that im not a case for the funny farm.somebody told me that they thought i ws explaing remote viewing and i could find help and info from the net but i still couldnt find anywhere that explained the colours beeing lifted out of my body seeing very strange thing in the deepest of the earth or the wave sounds or the bad right knee and something coming to help with it or the stars and what i call script that is written on like oval tablets there is a lot of things that we seem to have experienced the same but im very unsure who to tell so again well done and thankyou ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I would like to know if there is anyone who can send me some information on how to begin training my mind for remote viewing from home. some tips, tricks perhaps. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I paint, infact I paint walls, doing this, I found myself suddenly in another place, the information was visual and audio, and an invasion of another persons mind. I have found that painting, I gain a connection with other living things, these appear on my walls, oft times without my conscious awareness, occassionally as in the case of the blind girl, her mental eyes could see me. This little girl (3 years) had no idea what she looked like, I painted her face, as she watched and giggled, this is the normal interaction I hav with these disemboided minds of the population. This appears to have attracted the attention of this surveillance unit that I had inadventinly entered. the question is, are there government sponsored groups who use the ability to dictate the course of events? By your background I am asking this as you may be able to tell me whether or not this is possible? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Just wondering (i've read quite a bit from the documents on theory), if i can practice at home? is there any simple excercises i can practice from home. ie. having somebody think of a color, and i tell them the color? i am currently reading "psychic viewer" i'm sure you're aware of that book. thanks for your help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hello: A little about myself, I'm a retiredLine of duty NYPD Police Officer, And I am Currently studying CRV and had in the past had pychic events ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: how do you begin to remote veiw, what does it involve, I apoligise if this is rather vauge, but I saw a documentary about it and didnt quite understand the process. I wonder if you can help me further, even if you give me some basic pointers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I need to remote view someone in Norway. I also would really like to make physical contact. I s this possible? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Do you consider yourself to be a bonified remote viewer? How is it that there are "training programs" when it is damn near impossible to hone (so to speak) intuition? This may very well be answered in the contents of the website, but I am slothful...so, is remote viewing always associated with things happening at present or is it possible to witness events that occurred in the past? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I just completed an online remote viewing test and flunked totally. I'm confused. All of my life I have had visions that have never really made a lot of sense to me. In the past two years, I have worked really hard to make some sense of them and have been quite successful at describing to folks in my presence either something from their past of something we've later learned is in their near future. I successfully located a man that was lost from his family--right down to describing the town and street as well as how the person was dressed that would lead them to this man. I have had lots of experiences in telling my husband little details about his work day. Breeds of dogs he saw, unique mailboxes and detailed descriptions of work sites. However, I can't find any evidence that I have any pyschic ability based on the information I have read about it. The other thing is that I seem to be able to see more things from a person's past than what their future holds. Help--am I just a lucky guesse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I'm a healer, dreamer. Its my nature. I've always been able to see anywhere. I'm mostly low key. However, I had a dream, I was in a spa type place with three or four others and an organizer type, a man. Right before I was woken up, he bends towards me directly and says quite intensly, that what I do is Inchoate Sensing. I'd like to know what this means, as I had never heard of the word before this dream and had to find it ina dictionary. I'm contacting you, only because when I searched for this term on the internet, your site came up, yet I can not find what I'm looking for. Any info would be helpful. I guess I'd also like to connect with others who have had this dream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I want to learn your techniques to find my missing father. Please help me. I don't have any money to gove you. If you can just be kind to me. you may e-mail me about how to reach people anywhere in the world. thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi, I am very new to this whole scene, in-fact positively "green". I note that you are giving up the ghost on a public front, though I have to say I admire you for coming as far as you have; much time and dedication to the cause. I however am about ready to pick up where you left off , though it will take time to pick up pace. I am in England, and I wonder whether you would be prepared to answer the odd email? nothing too lengthy, I promise Have you ever studied any other form of extra sensory perception ? I look forward to hearing from you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I had a future remote viewing experience when I was 17 which really scared me at the time. I didn't know this phenomenon had a name, but I do remember that it scared me into not wanting to attempt it again: The year was 1972, and I was in my sophomore year of high school. I had this crush on this girl in one of my classes, but being shy, I was afraid to speak to her in class. I really wanted to get to know her, but I felt I needed to meet her privately. The problem was, I didn't know where I could do this. One night, while I was trying to get to sleep, The only thing I could think of was her. I tossed and turned and finally prayed to God that I could have a place to meet her. I had my eyes closed at the time, but I suddenly saw an image of her in my mind, as clear as a photograph. This image showed her in the school locker room standing right by my locker. The image did not last long, but I felt an amazing relief afterwords and fell right to sleep. ... The next morning, on the way to school, I thought of this experience, but shrugged it off as I approached the locker room. "I had never seen her in my locker area before, so what are the chances she would be there?", I thought. As I rounded the corner of the locker room, I shuddered, because there she was, standing right by my locker with no one around. I was genuinely frightened and must have looked white as a ghost as I approached her. It appeared that she was waiting for someone. I managed to muster up a, "Hello" as I opened my locker up right next to where she was standing. I really kick myself today for not saying more to her. I was afraid of sharing this experience with her for fear that she would think I was absolutely crazy! By the way, this girl was never in my locker before or since this strange encounter. ... What happened here? Was this really remote viewing the future? The really strange thing about this is, it's as if she was somehow manipulated to be in a place that she never frequented. If she usually visited that locker room that would be one thing, but she was not only there that very next morning, but standing in the very spot (and position) of my "vision", and occuring the very next morning. What are the odds of this being coincidental? ** Please tell me what you think about this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi! I'll blurt it out: I'm pretty skeptical, but perhaps that's because I haven't researched RV that much yet. Or because I haven't tried it yet. It is fascinating and intriguing though. Anyway, my comment is this: I was in a discussion with people at PSI- TECH, an organization that teaches technical TV. (www.psitech.net) Aside from the fact that they were arrogent, belittling, and mystically haughty, they made some truly outrageous claims. They claim they can and have viewed Crop Circles made by aliens, Noah's Ark (and it's current location), the Crucification of Jesus Christ, what it's like to see things from your dog's point of view (and how stupid we humans are! This is no joke, someone really claimed this), how aliens view us as barbaric, etc. The list goes on and on. Obviously, these kind of claims turn me off big time to remote viewing... Do you have anything to say about PSI-TECH and these types of people? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: What is the differrence between remote viewing a specific target known by the monitor and remote viewing events or accidents before they happen with accurate and specific info which prevents these events from occurring? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Can Remote Viewing go forward in time to see future events? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I am finding a lot of simularitys between this book and my life. I also have been having visions and dreams the other strange thing is mine and my wifes birth date's 9-7-6719 the ninteen comes after 11-6-6819 ---------- 2001-2012-3538 you know the first date the second 7 month is in levitcus 29:30 in the year 2012 michigan university is doing resurch on a probe that will detect life up to 45 light years away in numbers 13:33 says the nephilum the sons of Anak the fallen angels were there I believe they went in to space and this would call them back with in 38-45 light years in daniel 12:7 a time times and half a time of wonderful times upon the earth. I was wondeing how do you controll the visions and not sound so crazy when doing it I tend to get caught up in the emotions of others and get very angry like the first date I seemed to be getting the emotions of the ones who did it for I didn't find the dates untill after I told a girl i was working with a letta sims about it thank you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: I would be very interested if you had time, to find out how your research has gone, with respect to mediumship, and its part in Remote Viewing, (if you think it has one) being a medium myself, and having always had in interest in RV. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: have there been studies made concerning personality traits, intelligence and remote viewing? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments: Hi, Having previewed a number of remote viewing sites in order to help a friend who wishes to learn about remote viewing, I would like to know if you feel his reading your material might be a suitable introduction to the topic or should he enroll in one of the courses that are sprinkled throughout the web? In my opinion, you know from experience what a prospective viewer would need. I wrote to one organization that was offering a course in the area, but coincidentally the contact online individual had just received word that the course I was asking about would have to be cancelled due to the sudden death of the female teacher from an automobile accident. Thanks for your kind attention to my request. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [end] Reply | Forward


From: "stanley01420" Date: Fri Mar 14, 2003 10:10 am Subject: Re: Public Queries from Firedocs stanley01420 Good grief, PJ... it's a full time job. When do you find time to do laundry? :-) trypper > PJ wrote > I started thinking that it might be educational for folks on the > list to see the kind of questions I get from the public. --------------------------- Moderator's note: I don't. I have a housekeeper twice a week. ;-) Actually I don't have time for it, but I really make an effort to try and respond to people, particularly if they're already practicing viewing or some form of psi/development form. Sometimes I get 20 of these a DAY from firedocs and I'm thinking, damn it, someone linking to me is in the media again I guess! PJ pjrv : Messages : 2694-2769 of 4038


From: Rfjuice... Date: Fri Mar 14, 2003 7:56 am Subject: Re: Public Queries from Firedocs rfjuice2000 Hi PJ, Jeez, you are everything to everybody! And I thought my inbox was bad. At least you get a laugh now and then! Linda -------------------------- Moderator's note: LOL! Yeah, I get some BIG laughs sometimes. My favorites are the really predictably offbeat ones. ("Read my mind!" or "I know you've been secretly reading my mind!" and so forth.) Bear in mind that posting only had a fraction of what I get overall. Well in any case, it could be worse. Back in 96-97 I was answering over 100 messages every single day about RV, many of those fwd'd from Lyn, stuff he got from the public, this is not counting posting on BBS's and discussion groups and such as much as I could. 96 was worse for stargate media rush, but 97 was worse for Dames & Brown in major media. In early 1998 I went through my archives and counted over 60,000 messages&posts about RV. No wonder, by that time, I was fried. :-) PJ Reply | Forward


From: Weatherly-Hawaii...m Date: Fri Mar 21, 2003 6:21 am Subject: Re: Public Queries from Firedocs maliolana Aloha PJ, Thanks for sharing that......I bet it is not so entertaining from your end though...Everybody wants a bargain...I think these guys need to read a bit further into firedocs...hahah...I guess they can't see the forest for the trees... I do remember when I was also perplexed about coordinates...I think newbees tend to place far too much importance on this...At least untill it either sinks in (that this is arbitrary and just an initial focus point)...or a few kind people help you 'get it'...hahah Takes time...most probably do not want to expend anywhere near the effort it takes...and that is just to learn the definitions/rules/a bit of rv politics...haha ps...Explaining RV properly is not an easy task... They gotta love it...that is all I can tell them...and there is a bit of dedication required...in the form of practice if nothing else...(Which I have not been doing for the last few months...this war stuff takes a lot out of one)... Love & Light & Laughter Mali'o...aka...Dawna

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