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From: "simplysuspiria" Date: Tue Aug 6, 2002 8:53 pm Subject: Reading a mind from a distance - a real life saver for me simplysuspiria Having had a couple of types of situations in which I have been able to read someone else's thoughts, I wish to talk about one instance in which reading a crazed individual's thoughts from a distance saved my life. Having made the acquaintance of an irrational individual who would do anything the voices told him to do, I had an intuition on a particular day that he had flipped and was going to come to my house to do me harm. Having a constant mental idea of where this individual was at all times as well as what his approximate state of mind was at any given moment (even though I had not physically seen in him in a long time), I woke up one morning knowing he was in a desperate state of mind and was going to strike out at whatever victim he thought he could handle; in this case, me. Taking my son to my mother's house in order to insure this small child would be safe, I returned home and made plans for the evening. About 9:00 p.m., I heard a knocking at my front door. I asked who it was. I received no answer. The knocks got progressively louder. Since I had no peephole at that time, I looked out the side window to see someone climbing onto the back of my car and kicking in the roof and sides as hard as he could. This male seemed thinner and shorter than this 6'2" plus individual I intuited was coming over. I called a girlfriend on the phone and she suggested I call 911. Sensing that this person was no longer on my car and was about to make his move, I suddenly heard a loud bang in the back yard as well as a huge noise of his striking the glass sliding door with his body so as to gain entry into my house. Being advised by the police emergency clerk not leave my house, I did take a peek out the glass sliding door. I still did not recognize him as being the man I had thought would be coming to my house to hurt me. I decided that no matter what, I was not going to die that day. When an even louder crash occurred after this man hurled a heavy concrete table support at the window, I was shocked to find it was the man I sensed was coming my way. Not looking at all human in his wild and unruly appearance, I somehow found the strength to grab the heavy concrete item and to throw it back outside the sliding door so as to distract him from me. It only worked for a moment. Then he started striking out at me. As he began struggling with me in an attempt to hurt me or worse from what the police told me, I heard two of my neighbors jump over my fence and try to grab him from behind. He was stronger than both of them. It took 4 policemen and my neighbors to get him into the back of the police paddy wagon. The police told me that in cases like this, the victims never survive to tell the tell. I told them I had an intuition that this man had gone over the edge that day. They said that my feelings had probably saved me because I also saw that I was going to survive any attack.It was just like what I had seen in my mind as I felt this man inching closing and closer to my house. I later learned he walked 15 miles on foot after turning on the water and the gas at the townhouse he was renting. Having more than this one encounter with this particular individual, I credit my being alive to my being able to know in my mind what he was thinking at crucial times. It took a lot of energy to surmount this experience and his later escape from the state mental hospital and additional attempt to hurt me at my house a couple of years later. I remember even knowing that he was going to attempt suicide on a particular day and the reason why. The psychiatrists at the emergency clinic in which he had been Baker acted that time did not believe that within a few hours he would run out in front of a car. I saw it in my mind. It happened and as I also sensed, he survived. It can be a little scary getting inside the mind of an irrational person, but when it comes to saving one's own life, it can be prove to be necessary at times. I will write a separate entry to discuss a couple of the other types of situations in which reading someone else's mind has made a difference either in that person's life or in mine. suspiria ------------------- Moderator's note: Good heavens! Well, the bright side of such experiences is the thought that, if we can gain such 'accidental rapport' with someone like that, perhaps we can gain deliberate rapport with someone worth having! PJ

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