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From: "dennanm" Date: Mon Aug 5, 2002 11:48 pm Subject: Really Sucking At RV. dennanm Well I had a couple days of practice sessions that I felt really good about, felt like I moved a bit up somehow, understood and worked with myself a little better, and so on. So of course, today's practice was horrible. :-( The BEST session was 95% unrelated and 5% weirdly symbolic; the other two sessions were not even of the target, I mean obviously, I had a totally different target in some kind of aol-drive going on, but even then didn't have enough data to be worth considering. Today for the first time I've been trying 'verbal' sessions instead of writing it down. This just isn't working for me obviously. But I'm going to keep trying at least once a day, since it might be that speaking brings out some different aspect of me and I just need practice at expressing psi data in that form. I think I'm used to really 'anchoring' on the page and I've just lost my crutch. :-) I'm posting this because it's real easy to talk about good sessions, cool stuff, psi experiences and so on -- not so many people are equally courageous about admitting dismal failure at RV (this is, after all, a field where there are a dozen claims and a million inferences for every ONE guy actually demonstrating prowess :-)). So if any of you are feeling about as psychic as a rock, I'm there with ya today. Sigh. PJ Reply | Forward


From: "ozblueriver" Date: Tue Aug 6, 2002 1:08 am Subject: Re: Really Sucking At RV. ozblueriver Hi PJ, Over the years I have proven to myself that it is possible to program our future by thinking and feeling it within ourselves. I was wondering if this would help you with your RVing vocally. If you change your thinking from, "This is not working very well.", to somethink like, "Next time I do this I will be stunned by my accuracy.", then you might have a nice surprise to look forward to next time you give the verbal technique a go. I think programming our future might be a way of us all getting better and better at what we do. What do you think? Cheers Liz -------------------- Moderator's note: Well okay. I need an attitude adjustment, you're right. But three horrible sessions in one day is a little much for any ego. I do agree 'expectation' has much to do with success, and that what I call "deliberate optimism" can improve results in anything. I'll work on that and let you know how it goes. -- PJ

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