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From: "etuthill_engineer" Date: Wed Jun 18, 2003 12:11 pm Subject: Recent RV experience... etuthill_eng... Hey all- So I was working this target last night, and about 10 minutes into it, go to probe a sponid for visual info (HRVG protocol) and I got a sharp pain in my tooth, in addition to a jerk of my head/jaw to the right. I had no idea what the target was at that time. When I was being monitored later, I decided it was an event, one person smacking the other with a large object, a shovel maybe. Right in the chops... wow. We shall see upon feedback I guess. (Although my mentor also worked the target, and both of our landscape drawings of the area are almost identical, very cool) Really glad I documented my tooth pain in the session, as crazy as it sounds! Always write everything down, so says Joe M... Eric pjrv : Messages : 3254-3254 of 4038


From: Richard Krankoski Date: Wed Jun 18, 2003 10:45 pm Subject: Re: Recent RV experience... Rich_crv LOL, Good thing you didnt do the outbounder tasking I gave out last year on my root canal experience. Rich

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