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From: Richard Krankoski Date: Wed Feb 5, 2003 10:10 pm Subject: Remote Influencing on tape by Lyn Buchanan Rich_crv Well, with the several comments about Lyn Buchanan's various views on RI, I guess its available direct. Alien Zoo seems to be a distributor of RV Conference tapes. http://alienzoo.com/remote_viewing_psychic_spies.html Rich Reply | Forward


From: "Viv" Date: Wed Feb 5, 2003 10:53 pm Subject: Re: Remote Influencing on tape by Lyn Buchanan eclecticviv Hi Rich: Lyn's tapes are also for sell through, "The Atlantis Rising" catalog found in their magazine. BTW, just got a notice from amazon.com that, "Seventh Sense" is on the way via UPS. Been waiting a while for this. Just another couple of days. :-) Viv*

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