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From: aeonblueau8008... Date: Tue Feb 4, 2003 3:11 pm Subject: Re: Re: Remote Influencing/RH terri8008 my 2 bits, i've been listening to the dialogue, but i'm very busy. With RI you might try projecting or communicating via images. Simple basic imaging. That's the best advice I can contribute. send and receive and exchange images. Your left braining it anyway. Thoughts are kind of weak not to mention confusing (and who knows who's doing the thinking or originating when you have a strong connection, thoughts scramble). images or concepts. It helps if you have a strong link or connection to the recipient. (or you have RVed the site/event/signal several times, very comfortable with it) It helps if the recipient is open or in agreement to receive. If the recipient is not open.. it takes time(a lot alot alot alot) and a lot of intent on your end. Still no guarantee, it's a lot of work to find an opening in a busy endless mind(noise), to find the quiet place where you can just(slip in,blend in)set and project. It has to be done over and over till the recipient feels like your kin, as close as your skin. I have no qualms about RI, snooping and sniffing, quote unquote spying, it's iffy at best, but I have used it absolutely to the max when I need it. Go for 'knowns' when you practice with a partner, (when you come out of session what do you know or did you gather that you didn't have or originate before) you might surprise yourself. You also get confused as you start to 'blend' with recipient, but 'knowns' are amazing phenomena (for me anyway) Practice with someone you know and in agreement, practice projecting images. It's just fun. Practice communicating a conceptual image communication with your partner during the day. I've always said when this subject comes up.. you can't RI someone to eat broccoli when they hate broccoli. no way in hell. It won't work. It's a two way flow, no matter how you twist and turn and insist and put it there and make it so, if they don't like broccoli they will never eat it. With RH.. the best I've done and really really working at it day after day is to offer fresh energy to the recipient. I've never "healed" anyone no matter how much my heart and soul was in the intent. All I've ever managed was a brief respite from the symtoms of the dis-ease. all the best- Terri~~*

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