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From: "Steve Chris" Date: Sun Aug 4, 2002 9:09 pm Subject: Remote Viewing in real time pixelpro...urf.com I rarely hear of real time remote viewing experiences. I submit the following true story and look forward to hearing comments. About ten years ago I was on my way home from a very late work night. At the time I worked evenings and it was quite common for me to work until 3 or 4 am. The driving route that I took between home and work included a long, deep, secluded canyon only populated at the Southern end by horse ranches and rural homes and was completely unpopulated at the Northern end. The Northern end of the canyon did have a deep ravine adjacent to the roadway and it is possible to park on the shoulder of the road and hike down into the ravine if one is so inclined. I lived five minutes north of the unpopulated end of the canyon and that is the area where this incident occurred that late, moonless night. I had not consumed any medications or mind-altering substances nor do I smoke cigarettes. I was quite tired and all I could think about was going home and sleeping as I entered the Southern entrance to the canyon at about 4 am. I noticed that it was pitch black within the canyon because there was no moon and the roadway was empty, except for me. As I passed the few horse properties in the canyon I abruptly visualized a large catering truck in my mind. It was a mystery to me why I was seeing a catering truck in my minds eye at that particular moment, especially since I was not hungry. As I drove on, the image of the truck transformed into the image of five male family members ranging in age from roughly 6 to 50 years of age being lined up and assassinated by two male gunmen with semiautomatic weapons. I could clearly see this occurring in the ravine at the Northern end of the canyon at a specific spot which happened to be located about 2 miles directly ahead of me. As I realized that I was fast approaching this very spot I became aware of the fact that I was seeing this event happen in real time. I was quite horrified at the possibility that it was real and I didn't recall ever having remote viewed during the actual event before. I became extremely frightened and my heart rate and respiration reflected my fear instincts were active. Indeed, I was afraid for myself, the others and also afraid of the possibility I was right. I prayed there would be nothing ahead as I approached the spot in the canyon and to my horror there was an empty car parked there on the opposite road shoulder (the side closest to the ravine). I slowed down and tried to get the license number of the car but it was too dark. As I slowed down, I listened for gunshots but heard nothing. Something told me to get the hell out of there or risk being a victim, so I accelerated up the grade and exited the canyon as fast as my car would travel, finally arriving home five minutes later and quite shaken by the experience. I was exhausted and went to bed immediately. Upon waking up the following day, I wondered about the previous night but had things to attend to before I could leave for work. As I left for work at about 4 pm, I checked a local radio station for a traffic report and there was a traffic alert posted for the canyon which I described above. The traffic advisory was for a police murder investigation into the homocide of five male victims. As I passed the area where I had seen the parked car the night before, I observed the area was surrounded by yellow police tape and there were numerous police investigating the area. A cold shiver ran down my spine as I contemplated the experience the night before. I wanted to help the police, but I had no license number, no suspect descriptions and nothing concrete to contribute. The fact that I knew the time of death and that there were two suspects was enough for the police to make me a prime suspect, ransack my home searching for evidence and cause me to lose my job and reputation. I decided to wait and think about it further. I was in shock and I needed time to process the whole experience. By 5 pm I had arrived at work and found myself speechless. I was petrified. That whole evening was spent quietly working and contemplating the events. Later that evening; as I departed work to drive home, I heard the news on the radio that the police had no leads or suspects in the homocide of five male members of a family who operated a catering truck and were found shot to death execution style in the ravine. The victims included a father and his young sons of various ages. The police were struggling to find a motive for the homicides. I was so upset I took a different route home which was double the travel distance and travel time but it avoided the canyon. Eventually the police discovered that the family who operated the catering truck had also been covertly selling drugs out of the truck, but I believe the homocide remains unsolved to this day. I will never forget that experience and how profoundly it affected me. I also struggle with the dilemma of how to help in instances like this without becoming a prime suspect and I would like to hear how others handle such situations when they believe they may have useful information. Namaste, Steve Chris pjrv : Messages : 407-407 of 4038


From: "nita...ulse.com" Date: Mon Aug 5, 2002 12:19 pm Subject: Re: Remote Viewing in real time nitahickok Hi Steve I have had a few moments like that myself. I think one of the ones I remember having the most effect upon my life was when I lived near Modesto. Calif. I was at a friends house and saw my husband and I on our motorcyle. There was gravel all over the road we took home and a car turned on its right indicator and made a left turn. We hit the car and all I saw was a bunch of blood. I begged my husband-lets go home a different way. He said we have just been down that road and I am going to prove to you once and for all that all this psychic stuff is crap. I described again to him and told him if I got hurt he would never hear the end of it. We went down the road and there was the gravel. There was the green car and it turned on its indicator to make a right turn. He went to pass it on the left and I screamed at him to stop the bike. He yelled that I was full of crap and then the car turned left. He hit the side of it and I flew over it and split open my forehead. Blood ran all over my eyes and all I could see was blood. I no longer get told I am full of crap, and he no longer opens his mouth about it. He is a nervous wreck over it and still has to make fun of it but you can tell his heart isn't in it anymore. Nita Half the spiritual life consists in remembering what we are up against and where we are going. Ayya Khema "When the Iron Eagle Flies."

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