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From: "Glyn" Date: Fri Jan 17, 2003 2:46 pm Subject: Repost of previous mail (future memory) gebega Hi Don and all, I'm sorry but it appears my mailer is playing up and not distinguishing between who said what when I answer mails, even though I keep setting it to do so. I'll get it sorted out, but meanwhile here is a clearer version. Don said... I think Joe M. was the first I ever heard put this idea out in regards to RV. I said.... Dunne first published his theory in 1927, he didn't mention RV of course (way after his time), but as an explanation of how psi could work it is fascinating isn't it? I would be interesting in reading Joe's views on it. Don said... But your ideas about *when* we access those future thoughts having an impact on things like overlay and the preciseness of our impressions is one I've never heard before. It makes a lot of sense to me. It could have a huge impact on how well we do in applications. It could also mean that learning to move along a timeline while in-session could be one of the most important skills an Rver can learn. I said..... Years ago when I used to lurk on UseNet a guy told me of an experience he had with a precognitive dream which was a perfect illustration of him having accessed his future memories at different periods. I have been wracking my brain to remember exactly what he said as it was 'illuminating'. I will post it if I remember. Trouble is Don, I have a poor memory, always have, so if I'm ever trying to access my memories from the past I feel sorry for me :-), ...well maybe that explains why I'm not a brilliant RVer. LOL! As well as hitting the correct 'spot' in the future, it It may be that we have to train our powers of observation/memory in the present in order to help us be good RVers in the past; if you get what I mean (if FM theory is in any way correct)........Now Joe (as a Gov't agent..and people like him), would probably have had to be very good at that I would have thought. Another thing to ponder :-) Kind regards, Glyn --------------------------- Moderator's note: I normally sort through all emails, delete excess stuff, make the quoting very clear, so everything is neat and easy to read. But I've been busy and just sending them out as they come in sometimes, sorry! -- PJ

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