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From: "dennanm" Date: Wed Aug 21, 2002 6:02 pm Subject: Representational/Symbolic Target (Sessions with Self 2.5) dennanm Hey you guys this was great!!! I'm so jazzed. :-) Last night I chanced on one of the targets in my big pool that I threw in out of sheer curiosity -- just to see WHAT kind of data, if any, I would get on such a thing. I had an extremely brief session, more like a tagging. Had a funny moment when, without thinking, I slipped back into CRV structure, for about 2 seconds -- wrote S2 - Describe the target And then tried to do a stage 1 ideogram -- which turned out to be a stage 3 scribble -- tried again, and again, ending up with three scribbled-pictogram-id-things across the page. And it was funny, they read like a book, the middle one was so OBVIOUSLY a "land water interface", the left one lots of lines like wind and the right one total chaos like all the lines were everywhere. Anyway it cracked me up that my one attempt to actually fall into structure, led me to S2, where I attempted an S1, and got an S3 -- LOL! Just a sign that I am now beyond hopeless in that arena. ;-) I got "hold the wind" as data - a line from a song I sang in chorus in 8th grade - and a big AOL on "concept of waves, shore, chaos storm". Got some data that in other sessions relates to ocean shores ("going out, coming in...")... and the idea that "time" was somehow an issue. Had another AOL on a target in the pool that was such a severe coastal storm it wrecked like 18 ships off the coast of south africa (a century ago). Also had a couple ids I wrote 'flat, land' for, that was a little confusing on feedback. The pic is flat; it is technically a pic of a storm over land; but it is hardly land in the NORMAL sense e.g. where you expect to see dirt somewhere. ;-) The target was a weather-map photo (the satellite that shows the big white swirling) of hurricane floyd over the coastline of lower-mid east coast. I was so jazzed! I mean, here I've got a picture, of a picture, of a PICTURE, what I would call a "symbolic or representational" target, and still, the session produced accurate data of the most relevant target aspects. I had WONDERED, when I put it in the pool, "Will this work? Will a weather map have so little data there's no session? Or would the target be the storm -- and if so, how could I target one gigantic gestalt like that, instead of something specific? And would I describe such a thing from the perspective of the feedback photo -- out in space?! -- or on the ground -- or in general -- or as a flat piece of paper or screen -- or ?" I was very pleased. I haven't yet stumbled on any of the other few offbeat targets in my pool, but it made me happy that this one worked just as well as any bridge or mountain or event for example! PJ

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