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From: "padowser" Date: Sun Jun 8, 2003 11:40 am Subject: Retasking revisited... padowser Hi PJ and all& After reading the posts about the retasking issue I am still confused. If I understand this correctly someone would take a session's data and assign another coordinate to it and then analyze the data as applying to the new target. Is this the main concept? Also, if one wanted to test this (pj, I think you had tried this) what are the nuts and bolts of retasking? Do you just label the session with the new tag and then proceed to analyze it? It seems that if the data was analyzed first, then assigned to a target that preconceived ideas about the target would influence matching old data with new targets? What is the main objection to having one's data used in this manner? Is it that the retasker's intentions might be nefarious? Thanks, Dowser (aka:Bill)

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