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From: "Glyn" Date: Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:02 pm Subject: FW: Retro-tasking experiment

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My turn glynis5799 Hello again all :-), I thought it was only fair that Liz had a chance to retro-task me, seeing as she had put up with having to find sessions for me all this time :-). I wish to thank her publicly for all her help, valued thoughts and her sheer enthusiasm (very important in psi I think). Perhaps we can do something similar again some time. Well, this time Liz chose the target, and when she was ready she asked for one of my sessions. Here is the result below. Lizs target/feedback is at the bottom. Not bad for a novice eh? LOL!!! It will take me some time to get my thoughts together regarding what did or did not fall out of these experiments, but one or two things definitely have got my attention, and there is still

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go. Will I still be a fan of future memory theory, or will there be cracks showing in my belief? We shall see. Keep tuned to this channel. LOL! Cheers for now, Kind regards, Glyn -----Original Message----- From: Glyn Sent: 21 December 2003 00:46 To: Elizabeth Hambrook Subject: RE: Retro-tasking experiment

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My session Hi Liz, Well I certainly did better with your target than with the original didnt I? I knew I was lousy at focus ;-). Well, like you and the caterpillar, if the balloon had been the original target I would have been very pleased with it&&..darn it, Im pleased anyway. LOL! Its time for me to go to bed now. Goodnight Liz, Ill get back to you tomorrow. Fascinating stuff isnt it? Your target could have been absolutely anything, a building, and animal&&but it was something floating in mid-air. Big grins, Glyn Floating &&&&&&Yes looking down &&&&&&..Yes something beneath me slight level of anxiety as it looked pointed (I thought that was funny after the session Liz&sort of like something threatening to prod me up the backside. LOL!) &&&&&&&Nothing obvious (apart from the ground), no pointy thing.. but then I do get vertigo, so I guess I would be nervous if I was up there looking down. :-) cylindrical stubby metallic &&&&&&&Not obvious manmade &&&&&&&Yes AOL  satellite or space vehicle came to mind &&&&&&&That AOL was off beam, but AOLs usually are; the concept was more or less on though. AOL  Couldnt feel earth&maybe nothing around me &&&&&&&That AOL was better. LOL! .. Glass? &&&&&&&None that I can see Sections &&&&&&&Could be the sections in the balloon envelope I guess, but by that time I was in AOL drive about a satellite I think, and I also didnt detect any people.. Thoughts: I was floating in mid-air or in space. Some manmade structure near me. Maybe a satellite. No people Not a satellite and yes there were people, but the floating in mid-air bit wasn t bad ;-) Morning Glyn, Well it may have been a less than perfect original session but it was an excellent retro-session. LOL Check out the photo, you'll be amazed.

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