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From: "Glyn" Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 1:46 pm Subject: Retro-tasking - Experiment

#2 (P

art 1) glynis5799 Hello PJ and all, Here is my mail to Liz after I had carried out Exp

#2 (a

gain I have snipped irrelevant parts and personal chat). Lizs session is underneath. I have also attached the scan but I dont think those who read the mail on the Yahoo website will be able to see it (?). -----Original Message----- From: Glyn [mailto:glyn.flyers...net.com] Sent: 24 November 2003 20:30 To: Elizabeth Hambrook Subject: RE: Retro-tasking - Experiment #2 When I got your session for Experiment

#2 a

few days ago I didnt open it, but waited until I had more time. Also I wanted it to have an element of spontaneity like the last one, so when I suddenly thought of it this evening I decided to do it. This time I varied the procedure a bit by not looking at your session at all until my husband had chosen a photograph. I asked him to go into another room and find a picture. When he came back in he had a book which was open at a page with a picture of a Neanderthal man&.well a guy dressed up as one anyway :-). The book was a spin-off from a television documentary about Neanderthals, and this must have been a still from it. He (the guy dressed as a caveman) is shown standing in the open air (cant see much background but it looks outside), holding a long pointed stick (spear). He is dressed in fur and skins. It does not look cold, and the light looks natural (However it may have been taken in some photographic studio somewhere.. so the open-air and natural light are debatable, but it looks that way). I have attached a really bad scan of the photo, sorry ;-). Your session is below, so you can see how many really good matches I got&:-)..but I wouldnt bother Liz, the correlations are so slight as to be negligible. I have to say that this second experiment was a resounding MISS! In fact it could not have been more wrong if I had actually tried to find a target with completely different gestalts. LOL! It could mean that this way of doing it doesnt work, but it is far too early to tell and Id like to do it the same way at least a couple of times. The obvious main difference to the last one is that I did not play much of a part at all. As before you chose the session, but my husband made the decision about the photograph. I just compared the two and am reporting back to you. -----Original Message----- From: Elizabeth Hambrook [mailto:elizabeth...t.au] Sent: 19 November 2003 08:38 To: Glyn Subject: Re: Retro-tasking - Experiment #2 Hi Glyn, Here is a session that asked to describe 'Pine Gap'. cold hard manmade structure index fenced metal grey solic metalic heavy dense outside natural light grinding purpose is for the people sensual hypnotic heady graceful taxi service embroidered tactile sensual sscented visually beautiful therapy yellow Includes a drawing of a circle divided into sections by straight lines and a straight line extending out from the center. It looks like an umberella shape.

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