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From: "Glyn" Date: Fri Dec 12, 2003 11:31 am Subject: Retro-tasking Experiment

#5 g

lynis5799 Hello all, Here is my mail to Liz on completion of

#5, a

nd her session is below. Once again (three times in a row now) I have not been successful in retro-tasking Liz. I was markedly successful on the first attempt, and slightly on the second. This time I tried to duplicate the first attempt and still failed. The Beginners Luck syndrome could be at work, yes&or just coincidence, which is more likely, especially over so few experiments. Liz believes that knowing about this experiment back in the past, after the first couple of times, caused her to focus more closely on the intended target. Lets face it we dont know how psi works so that could just as easily be the reason. If so, then its good news, because a Viewer could, conceivably, protect themselves from retro-tasking by narrowing the scope of their focus. OK, for the last 5 experiments Im going to try anything I can think of. If Im not successful then at least no one can say I havent tried. LOL! Later then, Glyn -----Original Message----- From: Glyn Sent: 11 December 2003 20:17 To: Elizabeth Hambrook Subject: Retro-tasking Experiment #5 Hi Liz, Well&. this time I opened your session shortly after getting it, (copy of your session below), had a quick look at it, then I left the room with the thought that the first photo I saw in a mag or book outside the room I was in would be the retro-target. I then walked into my bedroom and there on the floor by my bed was a science magazine I was reading, called Focus (December 2003 edition)..there was one picture on the page it was lying open at. I have attached a scan, but basically it is a picture of a palaeontologist at the British Natural History Museum holding the reconstructed skull of an ancient man, and the article itself was about the Piltdown man hoax in 1912. Apparently a guy named Charles Dawson said hed found the skeleton of the missing link between ape and man in a gravel pit in Piltdown in Sussex in the UK. Well to cut a long story short, it was a complete fraud&but they didnt find out until 1953. You may have heard of it, there was a right heck of a row about it, to put it mildly :-). Again there is not a lot of similarity at all between your session and the retro-tasked target. Broadly the time gestalt (if you can call it that) is there&.because both targets concerned the remote past, but that is probably coincidence. So, another miss. Mmmmm&OK&.lets see what happens with

#6. N

o hurry Liz, and it doesnt matter whether it is an old or young session this time:-). Cheers for now, Glyn &&&&&&&&&&& Here is session #5 I stuck my hand in my folder and pulled it out without looking first so that no conscious choice was made in the selection. The target was, "Describe the building of the Great Pyramid in Egypt." Dated Oct 2003. Picturesque scenic visual road trafic parking turmoil tense carrying a load troubled waters USA, Virginia a journey mystique plastered building

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