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From: "Glyn" Date: Fri Dec 12, 2003 12:36 pm Subject: Retro-tasking Experiment

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Part 2 glynis5799 Hi all, Before someone picks me up on it, and I expect someone will have noticed, I now realise I made a mistake by putting this in my mail to Liz: . Broadly the time gestalt (if you can call it that) is there&.because both targets concerned the remote past, but that is probably coincidence. Of course my object in doing these experiments is to try to get Lizs session to correspond to my feedback; i.e. to get her to RV the target which I have tried to piggy-back on top of her original target&.so of course even if I had somehow picked up anything to do with her original target then that would be by accident, and was not the intention. There is the risk of course in this type of experiment that I unwittingly/subconsciously pick up impressions from either Lizs original target or her session itself, and then go off and unconsciously choose a photo that matches. I am acutely aware of having to avoid that scenario, and am trying to avoid it. Sorry, my mistake there. Regards, Glyn

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