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From: "Glyn" Date: Sat Dec 13, 2003 4:46 pm Subject: Retro-tasking Experiment

#6 -

Part 1 glynis5799 Hello all, This is most of my mail to Liz re

#6, a

nd her session is below. This time I decided not to use a photo as retro-target, but as I was going to a Christmas party with friends I decided to use that as a sort of outbounder. Lizs comments and more of mine are in Part 2. -----Original Message----- From: Glyn Sent: 13 December 2003 12:08 To: Elizabeth Hambrook Subject: Retro-tasking experiment #6 The venue was a pub restaurant. At 8 pm there were eleven of us, some sitting, some standing, waiting to go into the restaurant to have our meal. I was standing with a group of others, my arm resting on the top of a shelf thing (you know I cant remember what it was, but it was wood), and I was taking (large) sips from a glass of vodka and tonic :-). The pub/hotel/inn is in a very old building, and the bar has lots of wood and beams. Plenty of people there, and colour, and noise &&&&.Well, I have looked at your session (below), and there are bits and pieces there that would correspond. People, glass, hand, gold light (yes the lights in the place were very yellowy). Cross or star&well I dont know about cross (probably somewhere as loads of Christmas decorations around), but I saw star shapes in the Christmas decorations; some being gold. Pole&well, its hard to describe and I didnt take a camera (I should have),but the bar seating where we were consists of small areas on upper and lower levels, (sort of booths but larger)&.anyway where I was standing there was one of these seating areas up a few steps from me, and there were wooden vertical uprights around it. Sorry, cant describe very well. Lots of glowing/shining things (Christmas lights on the Christmas tree etc). The surface against which I was leaning and had my hand on at the time was polished and smooth wood. No obvious rock, and it was definitely not cool; quite the opposite in fact (phew!)&.but my vodka was cold . There is one thing that did stand out in my memory that I immediately noticed when I read through your session though (which is usually a good sign..as sort of recognition). It happened a bit later on, when we were seated at the table and the festivities were in full swing. I was chatting with someone, and while I was doing that I was fiddling with the end of a discarded Christmas cracker; as yer do :-). Do you have these Christmas Cracker things where you are? They are usually put on the dining table.....there is one for each person, and they are meant to be pulled apart by two people, and they go bang and theres usually a paper party hat and a motto or joke and maybe some silly trinket inside. This thing had a pattern that was sort of holographic, and it was twinkling very brightly in the lights and caught my eye..&and it had my full attention at one point because it was unusual in that crackers are often made of very thin cardboard and tissue, whereas this was the stronger cardboard type that you can fill with your own paper hats etc&which I think that the restaurant did to save money, because only about one in five had a little gift in it ;-). Well it had been torn away from the body, but where it had been joined the cardboard was spiked and someone had flared out the ends and stood it upright on its end. Yes, that description definitely did gel with me immediately. Well, my target was very broad in scope, so there were probably bound to be some correlations, but IMO that last impression said something to me that was more than just coincidence. What do you think Liz? &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Lizs session: The target photo for this session was taken of two pyramids bathed in golden evening light. Gold was the only colour in the photo. There was a car parked at the base of one pyramid and a few people could be seen although barley distinguishable because of the distance away from the camera. I thought the symbology of was hilarious. Pair of glass jars with gold lids containing preserved pears. aqua/turquoise pole gold light glowing/shining a cross or star people hand polished smooth natural rock cool spiked or flared yellow smooth as satin hard coiled

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