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From: "Glyn" Date: Mon Dec 15, 2003 2:41 pm Subject: Retro-tasking experiment

#7 -

Part 2 glynis5799 Hello again all, Lizs comments about the result of

#7 ar

e below, and my reply underneath. I am acutely conscious that you are having to take my word for all this, but it is honestly the way things came out. If it was purely chance then fair enough&but no, I think there is more to it on this occasion&&something went right it seems (maybe because of a change in procedure), but goodness knows why! Well I think Liz definitely agreed it was a better one! LOL! Im printing her mail in full because if we dont get another result like this, at least there was one :-). Three more to go then :-). Regards, Glyn -----Original Message----- From: Elizabeth Hambrook Sent: 15 December 2003 10:54 To: Glyn Subject: Re: Retro-tasking experiment #7 Hey Oh WOW, this is remarbable to say the least!! If you put session

#7 to

your retro-target it's spot on. I would take that as being a very good session. There is even the straight line on a 45deg angle. Far out! And you say someone else got catapilliar! Man! What is that saying? How could everyone get retro-tasked if your intent was only to retro-task me? This is truely amazing. Could you possibly go through all the other sessions for that target and put them up on PJRV so we can check them out too? I'm not sure if you would have to ask everyone first. Those veins do look like wires in an RV sort of way. I remember Dave Humpries got something similar to my 'wires out side of head'. But it was worded differently. Glyn, I'm agog. I'll look forward to the conversations that will come out of this one. LOL -----Original Message----- From: Glyn [mailto:glyn.flyers...net.com] Sent: 15 December 2003 18:48 To: Elizabeth Hambrook Subject: RE: Retro-tasking experiment #7 Hi Liz, Well that was a better one, glad you agreed. Yes, if you had got the caterpillar as your first target it would have been really good back then. But it is really good right now IMO! Its still your session and your RV ability, just a bit further down the timeline& you just found this target more interesting and skipped over the intended one thats all&if FM theory is correct that is. :-). Id better not go publishing the sessions of the others, but I may mail them for permission to do a comparison a bit later on. Well Ill try and do the next one the same way I did this one and see what happens next time. There are some variables raising their heads here.. but I just cant tie them down. Ill mail you for another session soon. Youre a good viewer Liz..if no ones ever told you that then they should have ;-).

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