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From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Mon Jun 9, 2003 1:47 am Subject: RV and chocolate ozblueriver Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 >However sounds like you need my help, testing maybe, >please send >plane tickets. Anywhere near Ron, maybe i could stop >iover and drill >him on some crv ideograms or something. I'm available. LOL If you (or anyone else) wants to come over and hold some classes, I'll put you up at my home and give you the coffee shop at night for a training venue. FREE...... I'll even throw in coffee and chocolate. Then when I've got some of the town folk trained I'd turn the shop into a Chocolate/Coffee/RV shop. How cool would that be. We could have night time RVing and chocolate tastings. Yummmmmmm Cheers Liz PS Ron who? And where does he live? I'm in cetral Victoria. (Australia)

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