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From: Karl Boyken Date: Fri Nov 22, 2002 12:53 pm Subject: Re: RV History kboyken Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 PJ, from what I remember reading, Atwater didn't select the first military RVers based on any ability or lack thereof. He was looking for people who were open to the possibility of psi, but not true believers. And, regarding the CRV-trained group, Lyn Buchanan was selected to train because he was said to have snafued a bunch of computer equipment psychically, if I remember right, so Lyn, at least, was selected because someone believed he was a natural. And, anyway, Swann believed (and I think Puthoff and Targ concurred) that everyone is a natural, possessing at least some degree of psi ability, so from that point of view, the whole idea of selecting trainees based on whether or not they were naturals would have been a nonsequiter. Karl ------------------------ Moderator's note: Hi Karl, you are right about Atwater, but he was part of selecting people for the next phase(test in lab), not place directly in the unit from that first selection process, it was a multi-stage recruitment. *After* testing, *some* of the people were asked to join the unit. That is why I said ability was tested for the initial team. 2) Lyn was not in the CRV trainees so is not in the group I addressed as chosen for Ingo's reasons. Lyn was reviewed by McMoneagle, as Joe mentions in his current book, and thought to potentially have 'talent'; he was set up for review by Stubblebine. 3) All scientists in psi concede that psi must be innate to humans and hence everybody has got some. However that very science is what has eventually determined that a damn tiny % have the ability to be of the price/swann/mcmoneagle caliber. (Mind you, most of the RV community is such a tiny self-selected % already, I assume most of us probably do.) Russell sells books and seminars and speaking engagements muchly based on 'training' in seminar-format in the "anybody can do this" philosophy; but that most anybody can do it is not in dispute even with the most conservative. Doing it consistently over a period of time is what the whole picture must include. Nearly anyone out of the starting gate, especially if they are not working doubleblind (Targ often, if not usually, works non-doubleblind in his seminars, according to some there) can occasionally get a hit and amaze themselves. The "everybody is psi" is a generalization that makes a lot of people a lot of money, but does not really address in a fair way the scientific data on just 'how' psi 'how' many people are. ;-) Part of the recruitment process for the initial unit members in 1977 included testing. Joe had apparently the highest hit-match; hence, Viewer


-- PJ

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