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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Fri Jul 30, 2004 9:08 pm Subject: RVO Interview: Welcome Paul Smith pjgaenir Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi you guys. Now I know it might seem like I'm the slowest interviewer on earth, but really, it's as much the clients here. ;-) Mel and Bill both have had some things going on in their lives for some time which has made something like email a bit trivially less relevent or workable, and I ask now and then but have avoided being a pain; Ed May is still globetrotting, though I have renewed my nagging in his case. So, until we can finish off those interesting folks at their convenience--er wait, this didn't come out right! ;-)--anyway-- The next interview will be with Major Paul Smith [ret.]. Paul and I talked about an interview two years ago and decided to wait until his book was coming out and well, it's taken longer than expected. For those of you interested, he's selling advance signed copies from his website, visit http://www.rviewer.com for more info. I would like to put this interview together sooner rather than later, as Paul's window of opportunity for this isn't all that long. So I encourage y'all to come up with any questions about anything you'd like to ask Paul -- history, RV or personal -- and either post them or send them to me via email {pj at firedocs.com} by the 6th of August. Paul Smith -- Email Questions for his Interview -- deadline Aug 6. Thanks! I know this group is so ignored (by me more than anyone, sorry...), so, if we don't get much response from the members here I will go to some other RV-collection-points and ask people to contribute questions. It'd be nice to have it remain an interview from this group though!! Best, PJ Reply | Forward


From: "Glyn" Date: Sun Aug 1, 2004 5:13 am Subject: RE: RVO Interview: Welcome Paul Smith glynis5799 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi PJ, Here are some questions for Paul. There has been some talk recently of 'types' of viewer, and someone (can't remember who) posted a list of Pru's observations. There seem to me to be two broad 'categories' but there is a lot of overlap of course........ Viewers that are better at getting 'physical' information ......accurate visuals, touch, smell, taste, sound. Viewers that seem better at getting 'mental' information .......concepts, associations, emotions, and maybe 'experiencing' parts of the site. I seem to be mainly the latter sort of viewer, but I do get some physical information. I get very few target related visuals though, and envy those who do. For instance, I was once targeted with a large roller-coaster, and although I felt structures (couldn't 'see' them) and had some accurate colours, it was the experience of the ride itself, the drop and swift movement and emotion which I picked up on most of all. However, I would have loved just one teensy-weensy sight of the roller-coaster itself of course....any part of it actually. :-) Questions... I would like to ask Paul for his thoughts on the above. Whether over the years he has observed these differences in himself or others? If so, is he better at getting 'physical' or 'mental' information...or is he a good 'mix'? Does he think that it is better for people like me to develop the skills that come more naturally rather than striving after visual impressions when my mind may not work that way? Does he know of any 'exercises' to help develop better visual RVing? Did he find he improved at RV over time? Not only at excluding 'noise' but getting more data? Does he use CRV all the time or does he also use a shorter method of his own? Has he ever heard mention of Future Memory theory in connection with RV. Many thanks to Paul in advance.......will be getting his book without a doubt :-) Regards, Glyn -------------------- Oh... here it is Glyn! I thought you sent it PEM and I lost it, but it was here all along. ;-) Sorry....! PJ Reply | Forward


From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Fri Aug 6, 2004 9:25 pm Subject: You Interview: Major Paul Smith [ret] dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Ha! And here I thought this list was so boring just because I am so boring. But given the response (or rather, lack of it), now I've proof--it's you guys too! ;-) If anybody would like to suggest a question for Paul Smith's upcoming interview, here's a handy link where you can type 'em in: http://www.sciencehorizon.com/Q.cfm (text-only version: http://www.sciencehorizon.com/qtext.cfm ) Due to the almost no-response I got on this, I asked and Paul has agreed to open the interview question source up to other online places as well. DEADLINE IS THE 13TH. All questions must be in by then! Best, PJ Reply | Forward


From: "Viv" Date: Sat Aug 7, 2004 2:17 pm Subject: Re: You Interview: Major Paul Smith [ret] eclecticviv Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi PJ: I'm interested in Paul's views about ARV. What sort of grading system does he prefer for analyzing and or judging ARV sessions? How much value does he put on descriptors or sketches not visable in photo feedback but would still be pertinent to the target photo? Ex. if the target feeback is of a ferry boat crossing the Sound, would descriptors of the engine, movement, oil and grease, or the noise of the engine, be considered? Not considered? Or considered with lessor value then other descriptors/sketches, that are visibly recognizable in the feedback photo? How much importance does he put on the pairing of photos for ARV session/tragets. Ex. Pairing of 2 photos, one of a large backhoe, and the other of a dinasour, might possibly share more gastalts on a sub level, then one may recognize visually. on the other hand, the pairing of either one, might be better paired with, say, a photo of the interior of a cabin, or people at the beach. One could say, for really good ARV'rs it shouldn't matter, but not everyone starts out as a great ARV'r. What are Paul's views on this? Viv*

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