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From: "tropicanacabana69" Date: Fri Aug 2, 2002 4:23 pm Subject: RV, PK and me tropicanacab... Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 I wanted to post something a little more than I did previous to this. I have Cerebral Palsy. I was in a bus wreck in 1972 that killed 19 people. I have had many experiences that have caused me to question how the mind-Body work. I have become interested in the Monroe Institute. I have read and agree with a lot of things some say about the future and time reversal and PK and Telepathy and RV. I have read a host of authors on these subjects. Jack Sarfatti group, Dr. Alan Wolf, Dr. Dean Radin, Ingo Swann, Joe McMoneagle, Edgar Mitchell, Julian Barbour and Stephen Hawking, Joseph Campbell, JRR Tolkein, C.S. Lewis and Bandler, Grinder and NLP. I have a degree in Language and studied Linguistics. I am a backyard astronomer....LOL! I have always had interesting Lucid dreams and happen to believe that the technology being manifested is from the mind of the future manifesting itself in the present. I tend to agree with Sarfatti in the co-creation factor and manifestation. It is also interesting to me that I have Cerebral Palsy and was told I would never walk. However, I take Tai Chi and Aikido and through that have become interested in PK and telepathy and the use of "Empty Force" and meditational techniques. I have met and am working with "sending energy" and healing. This is a continual learning process. I had a conversation a couple of years ago with Angela Smith about RV. So I became interested in learning RV. I was in the other groups so here I am. I hope this is interesting enough for the group. Thank you for letting me be here, An Avid Explorer of what many think Impossible, Robert

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