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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:01 pm Subject: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) pjgaenir Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 One thing got my attention when I thought about it. Harry is in school (in the magical dimension), each book details another year of his life. It made me think of how exciting school always was to me. Mind you, I hated regular school, my home life was too lousy to make it workable, but I loved learning (anything--I was one of those weirdos who read dictionaries and encyclopedias for the joy of it), even the IDEA of learning, the smell of new notebooks and pencils and such that is so distinct to a new-term school settings. It got me thinking about how, until 1994, I was always in some form of school, private training, whatever, for something, in addition to work--and how it makes one feel ALIVE to be learning something new, almost anything, just something beyond the day to day business of daily life--but certainly things that relate to personal development have always been the most interesting to me. My life was too weird, metaphysically, to have much time for anything but that for a couple more years, and then all that dropped abruptly and there was RV, my new obsession for that moment. I had some prevention of doing going on by circumstance so instead I obsessed on learning and documenting and trying to facilitate doing for others. Then I got sick of it all, and took a four year break from RV entirely, not to do something more interesting, just to live a life with a baby and too much other stuff in it to have time. Some of the excitement about a Potter book is that he is always learning, and the reader is always learning, as part of Rowling's creativity. It's exciting to learn new stuff, to be serious about it. RV is cool in the process, and interesting in the discussion, but unless one has a small group of interested friends to do this with regularly, doesn't have that same feedback that study with a group does, I don't think it has the same amplified feeling of learning. I think my life has gotten far too "virtual" on the computer and through the internet, and that has been part of my distancing myself for awhile--I am sick of staring at my computer screen. I want to interact with people I can see and touch... and if I can't, at the very least, I want to do more personal interaction on the net than I have--I have been a little antisocial for quite some time, or only social with a couple people at length at a time--I think discussion lists are great but really working with other people as directly as possible, there is just no substitute for it. Over the last what, eight years (10 for some people), I have gotten to know a few people online, some of whom I'm genuinely affectionate about, and wish I lived near. It is damnably frustrating to have some of the people you care about be distant from you. I want to find something new to learn, or at least more depth of learning than I've had time for or allowed so far. I feel as if too much of my "internal" life is moving into the "armchair intellectual" zone instead of the on-the-edge-experiential zone I lived in until several years ago. I don't like the new internal bureaucracy. I want the hands-on courage back. What I miss terribly is a group I used to be in (in CA) that did inner guide meditations and hands-on healing. The combination of that really did wonders for me. (Well it also set off a kundalini experience that made life really bizarre for a couple years, but that isn't what I liked about it, only that it was constant interaction with others and self.) I'm not sure what a solution might be, given I'm living in nowhere, Oklahoma at the moment. We have about 32 churches in our 15K pop town (one catholic, one lutheran, and 30 fundamentalist--that's it), but not one bookstore, or metaphysical bookstore, or health food/organic grocery. Needless to say, culturally I'm left of center and in the outfield here. I always come back home to the internet. It IS my home, it has to be, because my geographical/cultural location doesn't support my personal interests. PLANS FOR PRACTICE I am going to add two things to my life. This is tough as my work schedule is going into the 24/7 grind now, but there you go, this is the period I feel inspired so I'm going to start working toward it now. I expect both to be in place by the end of the year. 1. The first is to find some local people to do something with--RV, meditation, healing, whatever, I don't even care, just something! 2. The second is to finally finish some project plans (or at least the first phase of them) I've had for years related to online RV. To begin with, I am going to open several very small practice groups for RV practice, so the RV I do will not die out for lack of attention, and will have more of a focus on doing rather than just talking. I am intending to build some quick and dirty web software that will facilitate multiple groups practice efforts. This way people could join a group and only have a once a week requirement (I know it's hard on top of work and such), or join 7 groups for 7 days a week -- it will allow each group to remain very small and intimate, but with certain requirements for being in the group. The s/w will hold unlimited groups, so I'm able to offer pjrv members the chance to have their own groups (without me, I mean :-)) as well for no cost. I am going to put at least 400 good photo targets in the database but be aware I haven't got copyright permission to sell or publish these, these are only for 'reference to my friends' basically. I'd also use http://www.RVTargets.com, but the idea would be that the group members would do some outbounder targets and share targets as well (the s/w will allow upload of photo and text for any target). I would like to include some rather unusual targets in this process, since the groups are very small. Those interested can join groups with these ideas, those not can avoid them. These are targets I am interested in doing more of. They include psychological profiling, situational viewing, a little experimentation with group-effects if possible, and a few 'esoteric' targets now and then. I don't want more than 12 people (max) in a group (pref about 7), because it's hard to be intimate and trust when there's too many people. I've tried hard to keep pjrv under 100 people max, which over the last year has meant making it so it does NOT come up in the Yahoo list of RV groups, only from firedocs, and ignoring anybody who didn't send me a personal email for application, and unsubbing anybody who doesn't participate for too long, and I still have people tell me it's far too big a group for them to consider sharing anything personal about RV. Sigh. Anybody interested in the very-small practice groups idea as I outlined above, sign up when it goes live, and if you like, send me an email and tell me you'd be interested. There is already a lot of online stuff and it would help to know who would be serious enough about this to do it. I am not talking about a casual group where one hopes the other people bother to participate--that would never work with groups so small--this group software would require response, and more than a couple weeks without it would move the member out of the group unless reinstated by the group's leader. Groups would be small enough that every person should know and/or quickly get to know and feel comfortable with the others in their group(s). I call them "Focus Groups" and that's probably what it'll be called in some fashion. My practice is far too irregular. As much as I have hate 'having' to do targets for some requirements of other people I agree to now and then, the fact is, when I 'have' to do sessions constantly, the facility to do them well starts rising quite a bit. And I think I tend to be more inspired to do them when I know I can talk it over with others after--even if the session sucks (and some of mine really do!), so what, there is still something to learn from it. Or, when I simply have a deadline on something, I will usually do it, even if grudgingly lol. I hate dreadlines, but by personality and practice I am drawn to working to them. This was the reason I founded pjrv/RV Oasis nearly a year ago. I wanted to do sessions and talk about them and have the same from others, and talk about any 'experiential' stuff either RV or just in life in general, that comes naturally with the viewer's development. I have varied from daily constant participation here to none at all, and various levels of in-between, to see the effects. But these things only get addressed once in a great while no matter what. I hear plenty via PEM, but people don't want to share with the group, drives me crazy! So, perhaps if I make it possible to have a ton of really TINY groups with hands-on practice, some of this need will be addressed. I guess what I'm saying is, that what I'm doing isn't working the way I wanted it to. There's an old saying we used to use in a hypnosis group I worked in, "If what you're doing isn't working--do something else!!" Sounds obvious but often isn't, weirdly! So I am going to do something else... de-centralize, basically, and see if this allows a different result. I am going to try different things until this works, damn it. If it's what I want and need, I feel sure it must be in line with what at least a few other people would want and need. I suppose I shouldn't post this now, it might result in someone else seeing it and try to compete with the same idea, and there aren't enough people in the RV field for a division/drain on participants. But I'm thinking about it right now. And I thought it'd be good to get feedback. The more people interested who bug me about it now and then, the more likely I am to take time to build it. :-) I'm not closing pjrv for now anyway because we're having occasional fun here as far as I can tell. Hopefully in Oct-Nov when I get time, I will catch up on like a whole year of archiving, and clear out the membership of non-participants, so the group will be up to date. Sorry I haven't had time to keep up with that sort of thing this year. PJ Reply | Forward


From: David Date: Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:49 pm Subject: Re: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) a_healey56 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Howdy PJ, I've been feeling the same way as you describe, and have actually planned to do the same as you mention in 1) below. Living in southern California, I should probably have an easier time of this than if I lived in Nowhere, Oklahoma. :-) I've just signed up for the next round of HRVG online training, and that should be good working one-on-one with a mentor for a while. But it's still not the same as doing things with people in person. Most of my friends I have right now have never heard of the term "remote viewing", and it's probably best left that way, if you know what I mean. ;-) I think your idea of starting the small groups is a good idea. I'd join one of them. When there were just a few of us doing Pru's online course it had sort of the same atmosphere as I think you want to have in your groups. I also think that you're right in that people would be much more comfortable opening up about things of personal nature knowing that they know and interact with everyone in the group, and that there aren't tens or hundreds of completely unknown lurkers monitoring everything you say. Dave pjrv : Messages : 3335-3361 of 4038


From: Benton Bogle Date: Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:26 pm Subject: RE: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) waterway_21 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 PJ and everyone else, Your plans sound great. I too would really like to get together with others in my area to work some RV practice.... but I don't know of any. Is there some way we could create a simple database of interested folks so we could find each other? Does the membership list provide this info?...hmmm... I see that it can but I, along with most folks, have not put in their geographical location in their membership info. I don't want to make work for others, I would be glad to do what I could. Just let me know if anyone else is interested and what we can do. -Benton --------------------------------- OK. THAT much, I can do (yer wish is granted). Please visit: http://www.RVDirectory.org if your ISP doesn't yet show this as being online, visit: http://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/RVDirectory.cfm which is where that domain redirects to anyway. RV Oasis members please go register!--I don't want to be the only person in it, that's a little embarrassing, but we gotta start somewhere! PJ Reply | Forward


From: Richard Krankoski Date: Wed Jun 25, 2003 9:53 pm Subject: Re: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) Rich_crv Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 > pjgaenir wrote: > PLANS FOR PRACTICE Sounds great, count me in. Rich Reply | Forward


From: Benton Bogle Date: Thu Jun 26, 2003 3:46 pm Subject: RE: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) waterway_21 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 > OK. THAT much, I can do (yer wish is granted). Please visit: > http://www.RVDirectory.org Wow, talk about service. Don't I have 2 wishes left....? But seriously.... how about folks from this forum informing all the other RV/Psi forums about the RVDirectory? The only other one I keep up with is the Stargate forum. Thanks a bunch PJ, this is great stuff. Reply | Forward


From: "Hoyt A. Stearns Jr." Date: Thu Jun 26, 2003 5:01 pm Subject: Re: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) hstearnsjr Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 > David wrote: > Living in southern California, I > should probably have an easier time of this than if I lived in Nowhere, > Oklahoma. :-) There really is a town "Nowhere, Arizona" near the Mexican border :-) . Is there one in OK too? Hoyt Stearns Scottsdale, Arizona ---------------------- LOL! I didn't know that! No, 'nowhere NEO' (north east oklahoma) is just my usual term for this... it qualifies as a 'too' remote place. Too remote for me is defined as (a) no eastern religious churches or temples or new age places of any kind, which is to say, the spiritual outback that would burn me at the stake, and (b) you can't find ANY decent asian food, which is quite possibly a fate only slightly better than death. I miss Hunan food! Thai food! Indian food! (And some Numero Uno pizza!) Geeeeez. Did I mention my city--which is the biggest one in my county--doesn't even have a bookstore. And it's the 2nd highest unemployed county in the state, and this is one of the highest unemployment rate states in the nation. The leaders are like evil tax droids who strike fear into the heart of all businesses, which leave the state to go somewhere to pay HIGHER wages they feel so harrassed. A local preacher came to my door several months ago, with his wife. I have sympathy for preachers' wives, what an impossible job those women have got. Anyway, it so happened that I had a good sized book collection of Crowley and related magical stuff right in the living room as I was moving stuff around, and tons of psi stuff (including a black scrying mirror) right there on the table. Unwilling to risk my entire neighborhood praying for me or worse, I stepped out on the porch and chatted with them, until he and his wife were literally trembling violently from the cold. I wasn't about to let them in. I'm from CA where that's normal--you NEVER come over without calling unless you're related or know 'em superwell--but here, it is the height of rudeness to not invite your neighbors into your house within days of moving in, let alone a preacher standing on your porch in the cold. Well, better he think I'm insufferably rude than a Tool Of Satan or something, lol! On the bright side, they haven't been back. ;-) PJ Reply | Forward


From: "Nita Hickok" Date: Fri Jun 27, 2003 12:48 am Subject: Re: RV Practice Plans (was: new Harry Potter book) nitahickok Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hello Hoyt and PJ I like Nothing Arizona myself. We used to have the bumper sticker. I also miss thai food, indian food( I can get Indian food I really like fry bread and make it mayself). I only have a couple of people I can talk to and none of them talk about metaphysical stuff. Nita ---------------- Then you know what it's like. :-) Flat bread -- I meant Indian, not native american, I think the latter's what you meant w/fry bread. I love that stuff. I could live on it. 10 billion carbs, that's why it's so good of course! PJ

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