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From: Timelord2029... Date: Sun Aug 4, 2002 10:30 pm Subject: Re: Re: : RV 'Residue' issues psitrooper24 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi Arelene Yeah i got that a few time last week (ive done about 12 sessions over the last two weeks) and some of my hits actually where the ones i could not disconnect from. I think its probably because i connected with the site so well that i kept thinking about how well i did and going over the session in my head over & over again looking back iam not sure if this is the same thing or not but it was kinda weird for awhile. I dont think is good to dwell on targets youve done for too long but thats just the feeling ive been getting. If one has to dwell on a session maybe its best to give it over to an analyst to dwell on instead. I guess thats what their there for. Another 'residue' issue i got was due to feed back time. Specifically having to wait for feedback caused alot of mini things going on but iam still learning. Peace, Tunde > Arelene wrote > I had a very weird feeling and wasn't sure what was > wrong just knew something was wrong. I felt if I > was not here, but in another demension. It was really > scary. When I told him he said I was stuck in the session. > So we went back so we could disconnect. After that it > was better. Truly a very wierd experience.

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