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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Sat Aug 24, 2002 11:46 pm Subject: Sessions with Self (2.4) dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email For the first time ever (beyond training official and unofficial), I did a target recently that somebody else picked out. Based on a photo he took years ago I think. I didn't expect my first target to be a scrub tree. :-) On my reporting offbeat contradictory AOL results, which had ZERO relation to the target (Old West gestalt vs. Space/Military/Missile gestalt) he suggested "So the emotional hook to this image is my own feeling about the place." As that is feedback for me, you might say that whether he tasked it with that in mind or not, it became so retroactively once he told me that. This qualifies as the most confusing session I have ever had. [Not counting a session on ducks, which was such an "overlay" of some "dark archetype" talking to me that I seriously wondered if something was trying to give me a warning and it was simply coming to me the minute I 'tuned into myself' for the session... And not counting a couple sessions which were not just off-target, but literally of some OTHER target, and my frustrated ego maintains that there is 'some reason' that I described something ELSE besides sheer aol drive or something....] Though the data of the ground being dirt, hard but not desert, with some but not lots of growth, and rough/scratchy was there (you might say that's the basic descriptives), and some that might reflect the terrain barely seen on each side, otherwise, all the data was just... different. The session data-wise, I consider pretty much seriously offtarget. That is fine. What I find really INTERESTING is, where and why did certain data I got, come to me? Aside from basic AOLs, I am fascinated with the effects the tasker might have had on the target, which I allow as I want to learn from this, I've never had a tasker before. Here's an example of a little clip from the multi-session data. ----------- Q. I'm lost. Give me colors. A. "Gray, gray, my life is gray...." (sound of song) "Blue, blue, my world is blue..." (sound of song) [prompt for data in general] A. "Give me love, give me love, give me PEACE ON EARTH..." (sound of song, clear emphasis on concept that last words should be on their own line, caps and underlined) Q. Wow! That's cool. Can you do unique poetry with data too? {I've had this in sessions before - data that comes in rhyming stanzas. I'm a songwriter/poet since age 7 or so, and actually I think my main "intuitive" practice in the past was in the form of rhyme one way or another, so I think this is why I tune into music and rhyme. be careful what you ask for!} A. There once was an Uncle named Sam Who wanted to look like a lamb But the more that he tried The more people cried Until one day finally -- BAM! Q. My god! That's hilarious! Taking that - what was it, 'missile'-concept AOL just a little seriously, aren't we?? A. You asked. ----------- I haven't sent the tasker data yet. I told him I had a real confusion over a cross between "Old West" AOLs and "Space/Military/Missile" AOLs, and was confused as nothing related to the photo of scrub brush! That's really all he knows so far. Tonight I transcribed hard copy for him of the session data to snailmail. So actually his reading this post'll be the first time he sees this stuff. (This is just fyi.) The tasker told me after that he spent a great deal of time in this location, hiking in solitude, with a lot going on in his head, particularly in the period after he came back from Europe (a soldier in WWII). Now that is sort of interesting considering the data -- and the circumstance of WWII and the US's entry into it. I can't believe I got an entire limerick as data. I mean that just boggles my mind. I thought the occasional rhyming stanzas were amazing, but an entire poem - especially as I don't think I've written more than 1 limerick in my entire life - is just amazing! Most of the data that is physical is (a) sort of guessing, based on an ideogram that seemed somewhat familiar, or (b) totally wrong, or both. Most of the data that is intangible/emotional, is a bit odd, with a sort of... I can't even put a word to it, but I have had the feeling myself in life, when one is somewhat weary, and not sure about anything, a sort of "slightly numbed on top with some turbulence under". PTSD, I think! It's seemingly unspecific: ----------- A. Things Change. Look up at the sky. There is always a solution. There is usually a tomorrow. [snip. data about feeling deeply vs. feeling shallowly] These are the days of our lives. In this target, it's just another day, on one hand. But every day is an event, and every event is an explosion of feeling-energy clothed in a stage drama. This target is not extreme. There is nobody dying here. No guts or glory. No boring city overviews. But "folded" within it, you could "draw out" emotion, LIFE, if you wanted. ----------- Ignoring the probably not-useful quality of the data, the last above was such an interesting sensation! I felt as if.... if you took a picture of any place/time... you could draw a mental fine vertical line anywhere, and at that point, "open it up", as if there was an entire other dimension, "going out the other side, through the inside", with feeling-data, and so on. Like there is 3-D, and then there is this.... other-D. Such a cool, subtle concept. Of course it didn't even OCCUR to me to ASK for this data. Sheesh! I am SUCH an airhead in sessions! I was very 'vaguely reminded', at the time I perceived this concept of the super-fine vertical line being where it would open up, of an "entity" experience I had with one of the "Abramelin"'s (an occult reference). To see him, I had to narrow my focus to the most micro-dot imaginable, which then elongated to the most fine vertical line (almost of light), and then you had to expand that horizontally - like opening a doorway - and then you could see into where he was. I don't know if this has any relation or not but I think so, I just don't know how to describe it well. (The experience is 'Abramelin on Invisibility', on the menu here: http://www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/pjarchives/ ) Some data was confusing as it seemed to contradict itself. I was told in Q&A the target was not an event but was "about how people feel" at the target. But then data that there were NOT people at the target. And data-wise, I'd get a biological, and then nothing - totally inconsistent, like I was switching back and forth between two contradictory gestalts. First, it was as if the feeling-at-that-location was itself a gestalt now, as sure as the major landscape shapes, and the issue of one individual, one point in time, was as irrelevent to the gestalt as one particular plant in one particular season is to a "forest" or "nature" area. Second, it vaguely reminded me of the feeling I've had when I've accidentally gotten two photo targets in one envelope. The data matches up with a combination of both, but the sessions are confusing, as there is X kind of data, and then not only Y kind of data, but no more sense of X at all, back and forth. It occurs to me that when tasked on something in a manner that includes a length of time -- not just the moment of the photo, but pretty much all the major events or feelings or experiences the tasker has associated with a place he photographed -- you move out of the arena of there being any chance of validating data - it's either impossible to validate, or everything could seem to match "something" at some time -- such a session would have to be of value for 'experiential' reasons for the viewer, more than data feedback reasons. And that has value too. I also wondered about the tasking situation. When you just pick out someone else's photo, the target is only the photo. But when you are looking for targets, and pick out a photo you yourself took, especially of a place or area which has had meaning and experience with you -- if you are then looking at the photo, you also get, remembering how you felt when you took the photo, or who you 'were' then, like as part of the photo-as-target itself. Now, the question of 'is the cameraman part of the target' is "NO" for practice targets -- although I once had a mini-rapport (full sense of 'being' someone else, but only for a second) that I felt certain was the man who'd taken the photo. The old outbounder research often had the viewer describing certain perceptions from or about the outbounder and their thoughts or activities, as well as about the "surroundings" of the outbounder, which was generally "the target." I am wondering if, in this kind of tasking case, the tasker, choosing a photo they themselves took previously, actually puts at least the gestalt of themselves 'into' the target indirectly. So in "one" perspective, you are looking at the man who is photographing the target. On another level you are simply looking at the target. Separately when I get time, I will post some of my 'Sessions with Self' Q&A that directly relates to my viewing, personally, as opposed to the target. In many sessions I get some of this, and some is quite interesting. PJ pjrv : Messages : 614-614 of 4038


From: SValkyre... Date: Sun Aug 25, 2002 3:40 am Subject: Re: Sessions with Self (2.4) svalkyre Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 HI, PJ and others, I am not trained in RV, but this incident with the picture reminds me so much of something that is right on the edge of my awareness. What if you were inside the camera? The darkness and then the opening and seeing around you and the tie-in in your mind of old west/Westerns (?) which are mostly our impressions through pictures taken through cameras. A few times when I have gotten really confused, I was in a bizarre part of reality, like I see you in the camera/in the place. Two overlaid interlaced realities. You could have even been the film! The light from outside imprinted on the film. You picked up on where you were for only an instant. I've wondered about pictures, anyway, especially snapshots which have been lying in a box together for years. People get them out and look through them and there has to be some amount of emotion that rubs off from picture to picture, IMHO. I have a box of my uncle's photos that I went through yesterday, and intend to scan onto my computer and collect onto a CD. Will the pics go to my nieces and nephews with all the emotion, or just as pics? They don't really know these people, many of them died before they were born. Anyway, I think we pick up on a lot more than just the subject matter in the photo itself sometimes. Just my thoughts! I loved all the poetry and rhyme, sometimes I get songs and poetry just out of the blue, music from another time in my head, but I can't record it! Frustrating... Smiles, green grass, cat claw and poison ivy going nuts in the forest! and me, Deni Silver Valkyre May we all have light sufficient for our path, and may some light the path for others. ---------------------------- Moderator's note: Thanks for the ideas! Alas, if I were that willing to look for validation I'd have no hope for RV. Some trainers call that 'waffling' -- when one is simply wrong, but then looks for any potential answer in the universe to why they are wrong. I do look to understand why I get data that is not accurate, but it's more about wondering why my mind created it or what protocol factors influenced it, than looking for some way to make the information 'right' by some other perspective on what it means. :-) PJ pjrv : Messages : 613-616 of 4038


From: "De Garcia" Date: Sun Aug 25, 2002 1:25 pm Subject: Re: Sessions with Self (2.4) deann_garcia90....com Send Email Send Email PJ: I have had similar experiences when I've done a target created by someone else. I was in the intended target area, but went inside the person thinking of the target. I believe that it was because of the way he set his intention for the target. He was at an event and pictured himself viewing what he wanted me to see and that is what I picked up on, instead of just focusing on the subject matter. I then picked up on his emotions, what he had for lunch, how he felt and what he saw. I have experienced that the 'universe/matrix' is very literal (sp?), and what you perceive is what is created. I am now very cautious with really explaining how to create targets when someone offers to do one for me. You really do come up with some great discussion subjects....many thanks, De Reply | Forward


From: "Nita...ulse.com" Date: Mon Aug 26, 2002 10:48 am Subject: Re: Sessions with Self (2.4) nitahickok Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi PJ I have been in a target where I go up and down and pick up the occurances that happened in a place. I get the emotions, and yes even snippets of song. I have never written the songs down and will now do so. I don't think anyone can ever judge what they will get in a target. A scrub brush or tree might have existed when a stagecoach robbert happened. It might have something buried at its roots. Instead it was the taskers emotions attributing to what you got. It was interesting that you picked up the emotional impact from the phots I believe that old photographs really do carry the emotions and feelings of the person no matter how old they are. Nita Self-Reflection is the school of Wisdom

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