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From: "dennanm" Date: Tue Jul 30, 2002 10:33 pm Subject: Seth on Predicting the Future dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Quotes follow introduction, below. Seth is a personagram of the late author Jane Roberts. For those who don't know, Seth was discussing concepts in the 60's and early 70's that became the concepts of quantum and theoretical physics in the 80's and 90's -- and not by coincidence, since many of the now-famous physicists actually went and talked to Seth (Jane noting wryly at the time that they were unlikely to credit him, though ;-)). I recently read The Unknown Reality (one of the Seth books) for the first time. It was reading Seth's "The Nature of Personal Reality" that helped "spark me awake" and helped give me a framework for dealing with a lot of highly anomalous experiences many years ago. I had the 2nd volume of this book, but not the first one. Oddly, I got the first one in '97, when I was out visiting viewer Paul Smith and I found the little book "The Truth About Mars," the psychic journeys of Ernest Norman (which is on the Firedocs RV site). But I hadn't gotten around to reading it until just recently. Seth material is rather extreme for me that way: it is appropriate to read, or it is not, and I feel very strongly about it. Sometimes I have read a few chapters and then known that was it for quite some time. It is often as "experiential" for me as intellectual, as events tend to happen in my life that correlate with the writing -- happen just PRIOR TO reading it in the book, usually. I laugh to myself it'd seem more convenient if the reading and understanding came FIRST. I'm reminded of a comedian talking about street signs in different states. How in most states, a DIP sign warns you of what is coming, but in most parts of California, DIP signs are not predictive, they are simply informative, as if to answer the drivers' question, "Whoa! What the hell was that?!" :-) Seth books are often like that for me. Anybody familiar with the Seth material knows he can fit more information into a page than many people do books. Following are some excerpts from his writing (and a little from Jane's) that bear on ARV, predictions, and the 'set' nature (or not) of reality. Of course, not all people like Seth's philosophy; it does not have the one-body, one-life, one-soul, one-god concept attached, instead postulating a sort of infinite multiverse of probabilities and unlimited, infinite consciousness in every direction. It took a long time for me to read Seth's material, as I had a huge bias against channeled work back then. Now I have learned that Jane Roberts singlehandedly redeems that entire field. I should note up front that when Seth refers to consciousness, he is NOT limiting it to human beings. He says clearly in various writings that the fabric of electrons, atoms, and everything we consider 'real' in our universe is formed FROM what we might choose to call 'consciousness units', and that all things have a sense of identity (as all things are composed of consciousness, even rocks for example), not necessarily being self-aware, but being what we might call 'awareized'. This is probably 1/100th of what Seth says about the future - as it is inherently involved in 'probability' which is his primary discussion point in most of his books -- it's just the notes I saw today and marked some pages for. ===================== [TUR:Session 681] Your beliefs and intent cause you to pick, from an unpredictable group of actions, those that you want to happen. You experience those events. [...] People are as free as atoms are. [S234] Often precognitive information will appear to be wrong. In some cases this is because a self has chosen a different probable event for physical materialization [than the one predicted]. (PJ note: Seth then comments that his scope of perception is larger than ours but even if he were to predict, he would be predicting which probability we chose, and we have free will.) [TUR:S704] No course is irrevocably set or beyond change. Within the limited framework of your usual operations however, so-called predictions may be made. They will be workable to some degree. In deeper terms however no action is set beyond alteration. [TNoPR S618] Information does not exist by itself. Connected with it is the consciousness of all those who understand it, perceive it, or originate it. So there are not records in terms of objective, forever-available banks of information into which you tune. Instead the consciousness that held, or holds, or will hold the information attracts it like a magnet... the information itself wants to move toward consciousness. It is not dead or inert. It is not something you grab for, it is also something that wants to be grabbed, and so it gravitates to those who seek it. Your consciousness attracts the consciousness that is already connected with the material. [TUR:S704] If you want to "discover" how things work, then your journey must eventually lead you into the dimensions that lie within the world you know. You must therefore explore the psyche, the living consciousness. It will lead you to the withinness. [...] The private Oracle: what does that mean? [...] The Private Oracle is the voice of the inner multidimensional self -- the part of each person not fully contained in his or her personhood, the part of the unknown self-structure out of which personhood, with its physical alliance, springs. Basically that portion of the psyche is outside of space and time, while enabling you to operate in it. It deals intimately with probabilities -- the source of all predictable action. Because of its position it has great powers of communication, both as a receiver and as a sender. [...] To some extent, each individual who wants to can become aware of the "unknown" reality -- ... and begin to explore those lands of the psyche that are the real frontier. Jane Roberts 'got' the following info (not sure of source, but it's her writing it): [TUR appendix] Data comes through to us multidimensionally, then is sifted through neural connections, where it's transformed into time- segmentation or strung-out experience. Next it flows into our probable (physical) reality (which itself changes all the 'time.'). We inherently possess separate pockets or pools of experience (biologically valid among the cells' characteristics), sidepools where information collects for processing before flowing into the 'official pool of consciousness'.[...] Using these side pockets or pools where data are still unprocessed, in our terms, you can pick up several other strands of your own consciousness 'at once,' though retention may be difficult. Explaining the experience to the normal consciousness automatically helps expand it (the normal consciousness), so that each time the process becomes easier. Until, with practice, experience and data from several areas can be held simultaneously. The difficulty then is a translation in linear terms... (Curiously the 'Image Streaming' technique mentioned in another post insists that a person must DESCRIBE the data to a recorder or someone else. I think this is a parallel to the concept of 'explaining the experience to the normal consciousness' mentioned above.) 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From: "w5guy" Date: Sun Aug 4, 2002 8:43 am Subject: Re: Seth on Predicting the Future w5guy Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 --- In pjrv...dennanm" I recently read The Unknown Reality (one of the Seth books) for the > first time. It was reading Seth's "The Nature of Personal Reality" > that helped "spark me awake" and helped give me a framework for > dealing with a lot of highly anomalous experiences many years ago. Ditto for me. I have always found the Seth books to be tremendously mind- expanding. On the subject of predicting the future, or how events happen, I recommend Seth's book The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (Prentice-Hall, 1981). The book goes into such phenomena as weather disasters, epidemics and mass media. A few of my favorite excerpts: "Your TV dramas...systematically show your old Frankenstein movies just when your scientists are contemplating all kinds of experiments supposed to bring forth life. Hardly a coincidence, for the mass minds of the people are able to make certain joint statements, and those statements are heard." "You might say: 'Of course, I realize that the weather affects my mood,' yet it will occur to very few of you that your moods have any effect upon the weather." "Some portion of each individual is in direct contact with the very source of its own existence. Each individual is innately aware that help is available in every situation, and that information does not need to come through the physical senses alone." "Even those of you who intellectually agree that you form your own reality find it difficult to accept emotionally in certain areas. You are, of course, literally hypnotized into believing that your feelings arise in response to events. Your feelings, however, cause the events you perceive. Secondarily, you do of course then react to those events." The last Seth books were The Magical Approach and The Way Toward Health, both published by Amber-Allen. These books are not as long and ambitious as The Unknown Reality (a 2 volume work) but I found them fabulous nevertheless. Benn RV in DC

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