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From: "Sharon Webb" Date: Thu Nov 21, 2002 12:32 am Subject: Silva techniques sharwebb_30512 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Linda, Yes. I mean remotely effect change. And in both healing and telepathic communication. There are a whole lot of Silva techniques for doing various things. One way is to set your inner alarm and wake at a time when the communication would be most effective...which is usually when the other person is sleeping. Then you mentally communicate with that person. The idea is to make the result beneficial to all parties. One man was concerned about his seven year old's attitude about school, so he used this technique and mentally "talked" to the boy one night. The next morning he was astonished when he heard his son repeating back to him what he had said. I learned through several somewhat excruciating episodes just how powerful energy work can be. It gave me enormous respect for the work, and it instilled caution in me. I think the tendency of a lot of us, certainly with me, was to think this is fun and games...and something to play with. It _can_ be that, but it can be a helluva lot more. I'll give you a brief (I hope) example of a situation that went on for days. Basically, it was this: my daughter, who is a nurse, had some belly pain and went to the doctor. He did some tests and determined that she had a tumor on one ovary. The doc did not know the nature of the tumor. She was scheduled for surgery on a Thursday, ten days away. She, also a Silva graduate, didn't want to wait that long...so...she programmed that the surgery would be just a few days away, and she specified Wednesday. On the Monday, prior to her programmed date for surgery, I got very antsy about the situation. I am also a nurse, and I decided to use Silva techniques and intervene. So...at 11:30 AM, I went to level and visualized her abdomen, entered and tried to see the tumor. I was puzzled because I couldn't see her ovary. Instead, what I saw was something that looked like a monkey's brain. It was obliterating the entire ovary. So, I thought, "I'll just tie that sucker off." So, I mentally took a ligature and tied off the tumor figuring that if its blood supply was interrupted that it would wither and die...and, I thought, harmlessly go away. Now there are three things that Silva says we need for manifestation. We have to Believe that what we do works, we have to Expect that it will work, and we have to Desire that it work. I had all three going for me when I worked on her. A half hour later, she was at lunch when suddenly she doubled over in horrible pain. Her friends took her to the emergency room. The pain was so severe that they had to give her morphine to get rid of it. But...they didn't operate on Monday...or on Tuesday either. They operated on Wednesday---the day she had programmed for. And when the surgeon finished the operation, he said, "We found out what was causing her pain. She had a torsion of the stalk of the uterus." That's a condition where there is a twisting of the stalk...which effectively tied off the tumor and cut off its blood supply. And...it was a benign, and extremely rare tumor. Can't even remember the name of it now, but I couldn't find it in ANY of my books...until finally, I found it in a giant, and rather obscure pathology book. It described the tumor as appearing like a "small monkey's brain." So...nothing can convince me that I did not actually create a situation where the tumor was effectively tied off. And her programming, I am also convinced, delayed her surgery until Wednesday. So...be careful what you ask for. :-))) Sharon sharwebb...net www.fractalus.com/sharon

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