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From: "dennanm" Date: Mon Aug 5, 2002 4:08 pm Subject: Some food for thought. dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email (so to speak) Questions I've jotted in my notebook over the last week -- these hit me spontaneously usually during cool-down -- 1. Can RV do wholly 'symbolic' data - things that do not have physical manifestations involved? Surely it must if one can get personality traits, fears etc. out of a targeted person. Well in THAT case... Could a viewer view "what" caused another viewer to be 'off' on a session? Could a viewer view what might be prohibiting another viewer from finding success? Could a viewer view what another viewer could do to improve their viewing skills? Could you target another person's dream to see 'what it means for' the person? 2. I heard Dr. Michael O'Bannon is doing some kind of EEG tracking, seeing how data during session correlates with EEG readings at that time. Seems to me this would be an enormously labor-heavy process all the way through, as much research can be. WHAT IF you took some viewers and used depth hypnosis (DEEP work - not the pansy gentle crap modern edu teaches as hypnosis) and while wired up, had them literally revivify to the point in a past session (s) when they were getting the most amazing target contact? The fact that good viewers are often good hypnotic subjects is a plus. This seems like one way of cutting down the number of subjects needed, and ensuring the subject wired up actually DOES provide 'on- target' response to measure, and even being able to do it repeatedly, even being able to 'command' the experience of mild, moderate, extreme contact. 3. Could you reverse-speech verbally recorded sessions for additional data either about the target or about the person? 4. Suddenly had the idea that the 'dead zone' time in LST for psi ability... we not only don't do as well 'generally' but tend to get more data (though it's wrong) so I hear... well maybe it isn't actually that psi is diminished then. Maybe it is actually that something ELSE is INCREASED, instead, which is interfering or stronger to our subtle sense. Like our contact with alternate aspects of self, or whatever, I don't know... just an idea... PJ

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