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From: SValkyre... Date: Wed Aug 21, 2002 10:14 am Subject: Re: spark Energy flow; blocks svalkyre Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Namaste, dear ones, Hi, I have a little time to process and wonder today and I really feel like this phenomenon is connected with the oneness of us all -- we are one with our present, past and future lives and we can access "realities" around us with rv or psi or spontaneously. I am trained in hypnosis and one of the techniques is to "go into" the pain or sensation and figure it out. When I "went into" the migraine headache pain in 1992, for example, I connected with a lesson from a past life which absolutely stopped the migraines!!!!!!!!! Amazing! I have a theory about the aches and pains and frustrations and sensations we have. It is about the storage area in our brain. There is a lot of potential for storage and use within our brain (the physical brain), but the scientists tell us we use only a tiny percentage of it. What if -- throughout the brain -- there are memories and links to other times and other places stored, but we do not have them hard-wired in -- we have not accessed them in our conscious memory in a long time (maybe never, this lifetime). In each of those storage units lies a "URL" for a certain memory /experience/ lesson that is not available for use until we access it. When we make the connection, the thought returning to the brain makes a new trail, which is then open both ways. If we could take those sensations, frustrations, aches and pains and Process them, we would eliminate their usefulness as a signal and utilize the lesson or experience or knowledge contained there. I don't have migraine headaches now because I understand why I had them and I don't need them any more. I also have a lot of spontaneous regressions and planned regressions. I am called Valkyre by those who see me as one who goes to be with others when they die and escorts them to their own guardians, if they are lost or disoriented. That way, they can get to the light. In the last few years of the Viet Nam war, I was in high school and college and went to the war zones in my dream time. The memories were incredibly vivid. I have also traveled back in time to the American Revolution, the Battle of the Alamo and other places. My job there is to balance the energy and release the frustrations, and the result of my work is to escort the souls. I don't understand it. I just do it! (o:@ (Sad, but true) Okay, I am still working on this... Take care, each of you! enLightenment, energy, synergy, love, Deni Silver Valkyre May we all have light sufficient for our path, and may some light the path for others.

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