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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Fri Oct 11, 2002 9:29 am Subject: Symbolic Viewing/Judging in ARV dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Symbolic Viewing - Increasing effect by putting more of the psi on the analyst than the viewing team. My thoughts for this morning. I've become interested in symbology and personal archetypes over time, and I'm wondering how psychic functioning ties into this. Some psychics have done what amounts to Image Streaming (in the Wenger sense) and then "interpreted" that symbology for themselves. So instead of really trying to literally see the target for example, they just see or perceive whatever the heck they do, and then wait to find the correlate or allegory as an answer, once they get the question. Can't remember who, but someone mentioned one of the ARV people getting symbology (like a bird flying) to mean a stock went 'up' or something, that is a little what I'm talking about I think, although as I don't know the viewer I'm not sure. Now, the 3 CSL research paper about Decision Augmentation Theory make this sort of interesting to me, and here is why: That research suggests that all decisions may rest on psi and in particular that someone "judging" psi may themselves use psi. (I have always assumed this was a given for analysts and ARV judges.) The 'symbolic' viewing is interesting to me, because it goes back to my Pot Of Beans Theory -- bear with me ;-) -- I suspect that the universe really is holographic, and that consciousness organizes and correlates, and that intent 'makes the connections'. I suspect if we look into a pot of boiling beans with a question, that something about the pattern, the timing, the nature of what we see, can provide us an answer -- because unconsciously we are sort of "grafting" the answer onto our environment/perception for ourselves. I suspect this is at the heart of most every form of divination done with a witness -- I mean with a physical intermediary between 'the information' and the psychic. (Tea leaves, bones, whatever.) So when we talk about symbolic viewing, we really had two different things at work, whether the 'judging' is done by the viewer or by someone different. The first is the psi experience itself; The second is the 'correlation or allegories' drawn. Finally I am getting to my point: Say that you have one person judging ARV and they are relatively psychic. Say you have a pool of 40 viewers and they range from pretty good to dismal and most are somewhere in between. If there was a way to use all those viewers and yet, to put more-% of the psi on the judge, the end result might actually be better, than averaging out all those viewers. So, one way this might be done is by using symbolic viewing rather than literal viewing. This would allow the judge to "read into" the viewing results much more flexibly, allegorically, personally, than trying to just logically match up factoids in the data. So it wouldn't be so much that the viewer even HAD to be correct, frankly. It would be that the viewer would be expected to get some data and the difference in judging protocol would mean the judge would be expected to 'intuitively associate' the data with one of the targets. As they weren't meant to be too literal, this would hopefully remove some of the judge's own AOL based on factoids. Perhaps good targets to facilitate such symbolic viewing would be archetypes or mythological characters/gods, which are all highly 'conceptual' and so open to interpretation. On the other hand this could potentially lead to some very unexpected experiences for the viewers -- I am not sure. :-) PJ pjrv : Messages : 791-791 of 4038


From: Weatherly-Hawaii...m Date: Fri Oct 11, 2002 5:47 pm Subject: Re: Symbolic Viewing/Judging in ARV maliolana Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Aloha PJ, I was thinking about some of the other 'tools' I have used off and on in my life...tarot...I Ching...numerology/astrology...I don't see why any one of these wouldn't do as well as say... dowsing... I still find them amazingly useful...in ordinary life...if for no other reason than to tell me what I already know...Sort of a validation or second opinion...or third...2 out of three...I am thinking on trying this...in conjunction with arv... On the self judging thing...At PIA...I found out ...one of my big mistakes was letting hunch/intuition/gut instinct decide for me...replace the analytical...two photos...similiar lines...shapes ...here and there...but one of them has all the flash of an aol I had...so I pick that one...after feedback...It feels so right... wrong!~ Feedback is when I find I should have paid more attention to the less dramatic one...so now...I take much more time deciding which one is which ...using only analytical except in as much as I agree...all decision making to some degree taps into psi at some level...at least good decision making...conversely also bad...but it is still not easy to figure out all my mistakes... Not to mention the why of it...I am on my second set of 50 in my group at PIA now...Luckily those in my group... are all much better at it than I...hahah... So I will be trying a lot of stuff...I agree with Bill...the psche wants to not be bored...most of all...and diversity of approach...helps keep it interested in cooperating...Its a theory...haha...I want in the seven per cent damnit...Its a goal... Funny thing though...my percentage... is much higher at my single person group... where I do all the judging...group as well as self...Of course with a one person group...You judge all of it ...all of the time...Unless you set it on automatic...then the machine decides what you were intuiting...and I can't have that......I have been just doing an extra session to decide on a tie... in my single group... I think outbounders are far more challenging..fun...and maybe easier in some ways...haven't did enough of them to know yet... Love & Light & Laughter Mali'o...aka...Dawna

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