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From: SValkyre... Date: Mon Aug 19, 2002 3:01 pm Subject: Re: Synchronicity (and getting what you ask for) svalkyre Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360° Invite to Yahoo! 360° Namaste, Palyne, I love your earthquake story and I believe every bit of it, having lived many of these types of moments -- I'm so glad you were safe and able to pick up on all the funny things while your world tumbled around you! I have to send this to you guys! This is so funny, because it is from a totally different group and I love that we are talking about Synchronicity At the Same Time on several of the groups and mailing lists I am on -- I didn't start any of these conversations, but I am loving all of them... Please excuse the long e-mail, but I wanted you to know where and when this was sent. Subj: Story of the Week (August 17) from the WhereAngelsWalk website Date: 8/17/2002 10:07:12 AM Central Daylight Time Sent from the Internet (Details) [I removed some extranneous intro stuff related to the website to make this at least mostly on topic fyi. PJ] As many of you know, movie actress Loretta Young read my angel books in 1999, and asked me to write her only authorized biography, and I just couldnā¬"t say no. If you donā¬"t know who Loretta Young was, ask your mother or your grandmother! (Iā¬"m seriousā¬this age group really loved her.) Loretta had great plans to distribute as many copies of FOREVER YOUNG as possible to nursing homes, parish or small public libraries, and clergy (especially retired priests and nunsā¬she was a staunch Catholic, and in Hollywood, even then, that was a tough road.) She wanted to spread her message of faith despite obstacles, and especially wanted to donate copies to her older fans who would not be able to afford them. Unfortunately she died before the book was published, two years ago this month, so we never got to promote it together. [...] Excerpt from FOREVER YOUNG: Loretta kept in regular touch with then-Monsignor Fulton Sheen, in whom she had utter confidence. Be it over the phone or in person, he seemed able to guide her in the right direction. Once she told him that she was never sure whether God really heard her prayers. "Well, then, ask Him for a sign," Monsignor suggested. "What kind of sign?" Loretta asked. "Something to let you know He's taking care of things. For example," Monsignor went on, "once when I was at Lourdes, I prayed for a favor I had not yet received. I actually started complaining to the Blessed Mother, saying that if she loved me as much as I loved her, she would intercede and ask God to grant the favor." "And then?" Loretta was fascinated. "And then I felt ashamed. I apologized, and asked, if she wasn't mad at me, would she send a sign: before I left the grotto gate, I wanted to meet a twelve-year-old girl dressed in white, who would stop and hand me a white rose." He looked at Loretta. "You have to be specific, you see---otherwise, you might just think it was coincidence." "What happened?" she urged. "Well, I was just going out through the grotto gate when I heard a child's voice call, 'Father'?' It was a girl dressed in white, who handed me a white rose. 'How old are you?' I asked her." "'Twelve'," she said." Loretta was shocked. "I couldn't do that," she told him. "I'd be too afraid that He wouldn't answer me." But she continued to think about it. And she was still thinking on the Sunday of Judy's First Communion. She dropped her little daughter off at school to join her classmates for the procession, left friends talking outside, and slipped into a pew in the church's dark quiet interior. It wasn't as if she needed a huge favor. Yes, she was longing for a baby, had even had some minor surgeries to hopefully help her conceive, but God would surely answer at the proper time. Her quest was larger, yet nameless. She just wanted to know that He was there with her, loving her, pleased with herā¬¦ "I'm not going to ask for a sign," she told God, "but if I did, I'd ask that the candle on the altar's left side wouldn't burn. But You understand, I'm not really asking." People were starting to enter the church. A little nun came out, carrying a candle lighter. She lit both candles on the altar, and turned to go back down the stairs. Just then, the candle on the left side of the altar went out. Loretta stared. Just a coincidence. Someone pointed the candle out to the nun, and she went back, climbed the altar stairs and re-lit it. Turning, she started away as the organ began the processional hymn. The left candle went out again. Now Loretta had goosebumps. Quickly the nun lit the candle for the third time. The children were moving solemnly down the aisle, and the priest had come onto the altar. Once again, the flame flickered and died. It was too late to try again. Judy would make her First Holy Communion with only one candle burning on the altar. And Loretta would understand, just a little, what "faith the size of a mustard seed" could do. Copyrighted 2000 by Joan Wester Anderson. [I deleted more advertisements. - PJ]

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