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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Thu Nov 7, 2002 7:34 pm Subject: Things I've Noticed: Familiar Target Elements dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email One goal I've had, but am just finally starting towards, is getting as many `different' types of target (e.g., EXPERIENCE) under my belt, so that gradually, repeating target elements might start to become more familiar to me. This has worked a little opposite of how I intended and in a rather funny way. I guess the first thing to notice is that in a rather twisted sense, it actually HAS worked. Targets I have gotten quite a few versions of over time -- bridges, for example -- well I do seem to be operating a little differently now as a result of that. (1) I tend to get many OTHER more detailed aspects of bridges than I got before, which sometimes take precedence in my head so I hardly if at all notice the bridge! Obviously this isn't helping in the current picture, but maybe it is, in the big one (like the long term). Initially when getting a bridge I'd be happy to get spanning and secure or long and flat. Now I notice I get more about the design of the bridge and the environment its in. I assume this is a little like becoming more familiar with anything in daily life. I also assume that with more practice this will even out, and be a better result. (2) I tend to better recognize, psychically, the bridge-like elements or concepts in every OTHER target! If there is any possible sense of spanning, bridging, and even certain patterns I've come across (such as grids), I am often more likely to pick up on them than I used to be -- this could be having a tiny bit more practice, but I correlate it to having practice on bridges which share those elements. Problem is, while

#1 ab

ove tends to make me LESS likely to specifically name something a bridge,

#2 ma

kes me MORE likely to name something a bridge that is NOT. Both of which result in an increase in 'distrust of my own data' to some degree (an issue I am dealing with at the moment, and perhaps always will, who knows). If I feel like it's probably a bridge, I assume it must be AOL because I feel like EVERYTHING is a bridge! For now, in a way, I think the above two effects might have decreased my seeming end-result session-wise. But I am assuming that over time, if I can get a lot of experience with a lot of other things, so they will have their own feel, it will all start working together, and to my advantage. I can hope. :-) PJ

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