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From: "dennanm" Date: Tue Jul 30, 2002 10:45 pm Subject: Thoughts on Thoughts As Weeds dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email A thought series I had lately that someone else might relate to... 07/26/02 Roberts wrote that other stages of consciousness fill out, expand, add depth to our focus state, the base level we are trained to stay within. (Psychic Politics p318) I just realized that man's response to "life" -- organic and even other -- mirrors his response to the life of his own ideas. Weeds grow _where needed_. They bring nutrients and trace minerals to the soil. Contrary to what seems the totally random placement of weeds, in fact you can tell what is missing in soil by what grows there; there is some degree of intelligent design that some are just beginning to realize, but our official society refuses to recognize still. Weeds themselves are often part of a _vaster_ life, like dandelions, which can literally span miles underground, and are certainly not limited to the tiny little flowers we find in our lawns. Weeds can also be part of a much _deeper_ life, some delving literally miles down and between rock cracks to pull up nutrients from far below the earth. One might think they would be considered somewhat life-giving, natural growth. Yet, we kill them, pluck them, poison them -- even though some weeds are more beautiful than the plants in the landscaping. Even when they provide purple leaves and colorful flowers. Even when there is _nothing else_ in a given spot of dirt - no structure, no plant, still, we do not consider weeds -- equally plants by ANY view except our subjective interpretation -- to grow. Our "official plants" are like our "official thoughts". We don't allow anything else to grow. Should we grow lax of our cultural norm, and allow the wildness of life to bloom, our neighbors or family might comment -- and how interesting the term "Overgrown!" -- such a corollary for our own state -- as if we limit our own growth; and we disapprove of those neighbors that don't keep their own within norms. [end thoughts] PJ

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