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From: Barbara Baumgardner Date: Sat Mar 8, 2003 6:00 pm Subject: Re: training threebears4u Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi Fortune, I probably will see Dale in the late Spring or Summer, depending on his appearance schedule, as he is still doing a good bit of that last I heard from him. I was referred to Dale by someone on one of the boards when they found out I was moving back here. He has a couple of different programs, dreams, rv and psi. I think he likes to mix them up so you get everything. You will get a good idea of what he has going on by visiting his website. Actually, I am looking forward to meeting him Have you seen his website? www.chesapeake.net/~baygraff/seminar Funny, you know last year I wasn't very interested in dreams, but this year I have received a lot GOOD (although mostly personal) information from dreams. :-) I guess that's what you call 'sleeping on the job' tee hee. Most of the east coast programs are in New York fom what I hear. I know that I heard that David Morehouse is going to be a Lily Dale in I believe June, and I believe it is an advanced class. He is also going to teach in OH--I think Columbus. Also and probably very important for the present and near future, Dale has an INPAC group--for impressions and information about future terrorists events and other emergency situations. I am not keenly informed on the subject as I haven't read the information in a good while. Clink on the link and read on if you are interested..... I will let you know how it went after I catch one of his programs. I am sure it wll be fun. :-) BTW, do you have the information on Win Wenger on the east coast? If so, I would be most grateful if you would post that to the site sometime. Warm regards, Barbara

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