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From: "Sharon Webb" Date: Sun Jul 28, 2002 11:40 am Subject: Um...do I belong here? sharwebb_30512 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hi, I just joined this list a few days ago, and now I'm wondering if I belong here. All my RV training was Silva. It was pretty extensive, and I've done police cases, healings, etc., using Silva techniques, but I lack the specific training and vocabulary of CRV. And Silva training is more people/animal/living organism - oriented, I think. Although I can key in on objects and locales, I'm more drawn to people or living beings as targets. I'll hang in there a bit longer though. Don't want to jump to too hasty a conclusion. Sharon sharwebb...net www.fractalus.com/sharon Reply | Forward


From: "dennanm" Date: Sun Jul 28, 2002 10:26 pm Subject: Silva MC, and 'Experiential Psi' dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Howdy Sharon, One reason for the subtitle (Practical Psi w/PJ Gaenir) in this group is because it is an "experiential" list. Some people on this list have a specific methodology they utilize. It's true many people here are familiar with CRV. However, others are familiar with ERV, with HRVG's methods, with TDS's methods, and then there is a group that have no training beyond a Joe McMoneagle book, which I consider more than adequate if followed personally. Some people even do scrying. Silva Mind Control is just as valid as a "psychic methodology" as anything else (and far as I know was around before the modern CRV). In fact if you read some of Ingo Swann's old books, you see that prior to developing CRV, when he was working in science, he was using methods that sound a whole lot like some of Jose Silva's! So, I have no bias about this topic: I want the list to be open to people who are sincerely interested in psychic development/usage -- I really don't care much about the methodology. Many of the comments about methods or data collection apply just as well to Silva or scrying as they do to CRV or those working on what a guy I used to know called "Home Grown RV". Different things work for different people, and we all tend to use acronyms we're familiar with, I'm sorry if that makes stuff hard to follow sometimes. I think bringing people of different "divination disciplines" together might actually bring something of value in the join. As far as psi goes, I tend to focus more on things like a decent psychic protocol. There are some factors in the practice of psychic functioning that tend to help or hinder anybody. To what degree might depend on the person, or how they go about things. The list is an intermediate list, but that doesn't mean you need to know CRV terms, it just means it is designed to be a home for people who are already familiar with psychic development to some degree. I am trying to encourage people to share their past or present experiences with psychic functioning, whether practice or ops, any aspect of the subject -- or, to share their experiences that relate to their psychic development personally (though these may not be specifically about psychic sessions). It is my belief that "personal development" -- psychological integration, and the reconstruction of belief systems, as well as the general skill that comes from practicing something -- is critical to success in psi work. So my goal for this list is more of a "whole person" thing -- "viewer development" across the board, not just details of this or that methodology. For that reason, it is open to anybody who does deliberate psi work. The list is going private soon, and requiring occasional participation, in my hopes that more people will share personal experiences if they feel more 'safe' somehow. Since so far there is a pretty limited number who've done so. I don't like that solution much but I need to do something... I actually appreciate your asking as it gave me a chance to explain my goals for the list in some detail. I hope you'll stay and share with us. Personally I am really INTERESTED in Silva's stuff, as I've heard of it and don't know much about it except someone I knew trained in it once briefly described a rapport technique. Are there different techniques for acquiring different types of data? Is it done in altered state? Regards, PJ

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