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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Wed Mar 19, 2003 2:11 am Subject: Viewing a better future for the field pjgaenir Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hey you guys! In a short (unspecified) time, myself and several other names you might know on the screen, are opening an online project related to Remote Viewing. It's not a big a deal, but might be fun. We as staff will have fun no matter what anybody else does. :-) (It's still private till it opens so I can't blab detail.) What IS unique (and in its own way a big deal) is: one goalset is to provide representation for every legit group in the RV field. Although the areas for each are separate and managed by their own staff, the project would represent as many RV groups as possible. The management of the project represents nearly every major RV group out there, as well as self-trained viewers, psychics, and non- viewers. (We'll add a few more staff to cover some of those we've missed.) The goal is to make everybody feel welcome, and insure everybody has fair representation so they know we are sincere. We hope that regardless of politics personal or RV, that all official groups in the field might at least agree on one tiny thing: ** That RV faces many challenges in our culture, and that regardless of diversity and degree of such, it is of benefit to all if there is strength and community in the field as a whole. ** Folks don't have to have anything to do with each other inside the project mind you. But the project would allow viewers and public (and media, and potential RV students) to find a doorway to most all of RV in one place. We think that's a cool idea. We hope that the first side effect may be more 'interdisciplinary' understanding between viewers as individuals. Participants might hope that another effect might be an increase in their representation as part of RV, and related benefits. At the least, being represented there will demonstrate leadership making an effort to support the greater-good of an RV community. *** What's nice is that the folks I've approached thus far (one at a time), have been very supportive of the goals of the project. Given they're so far mainly the ones who don't need to feel included as they ARE most the field and have their own webstuff, that's great. Even when they've no need for what we're offering, and it's no secret that no group in the field is fond of all the others (or any of the others in some cases LOL), they've been willing to participate as their show of support for the big-picture. That's way cool. It tells me that behind the political and ideological (and let's not forget, financial) competition in the Remote Viewing field, that so far, everyone approached has agreed that the field as a community could use some fair attending to, and they're willing to put one foot forward to support that. So for those who find the politics and weirdness of the field to be a little depressing at times, cheer up: maybe there's hope! :-) *** I have quite a few more folks to contact still this week. I suspect most will be positive (again, regardless of politics). There is an area of dilemma though. 1. There are a few groups in this field who might not like that it includes everyone (any legal, not-just-on-paper group), which means folks they don't like. We'll be putting a ref to folks who might see their name on the screen next to certain others and just fall over backwards in a faint! :-) So far everyone I've reached has been willing to grin and bear it. I'm putting off till last, groups I am not sure of the response from. I'm hoping some PJRV members can help, see below. 2. Despite the project has field-wide representation on staff, I'm the one paying out of pocket for it and spending time and effort to create it. Folks I'm outspoken in disagreement with, might feel like my project wouldn't be truly open/fair to them. So I'd like to ask PJRV members for some help here: This list has several people on it in groups I know little about, some of which are not as well known in the RV world as others. This project IS open to any real group that can staff its own area. If you think your group's leader might wish to be represented as part of the RV field, please have them contact me. Or if they don't want to talk to me, then YOU talk to them about it, and see if you can help them see the value of at least supporting the concept. Contact me via PEM on their behalf, after talking to them, and we'll work out setting up their part of it (if they don't want to talk to me :-)). Every group will need at least 1 other person, besides its primary, to help staff their area. PJRV members might volunteer to help out for their own group or trainer. More details on the project once I've talked with more people in the field about possibly joining us. Anybody who, no matter their training or affiliation, supports the strength of the RV field as a whole, and as a community for Viewers, please talk with your trainer or group and suggest supporting this. It might make it easier when I call someone if their own people have already given them a headsup! Best regards and thanks! More soon! PJ

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