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From: "Jon Knowles" Date: Sat Jun 28, 2003 1:48 am Subject: Re: Re: Viewing Terms (and roasts) jonknowles8 Offline Offline Send Email Send Email Invite to Yahoo! 360 Invite to Yahoo! 360 Hey PJ, It didn't scan, but Komodo liked it a lot! That image was hilarious!! Makes a great viewing name too. Maybe your interps could form the basis for an Alice's Restaurant kind of song. Anyway, in the meantime here's some more material for a roast: More translations, elucidations and aphorisms for Roast RV: "You get what you get": We don't know what half of it means either. "Every session is perfect". In your dreams! "Her drawings are often very artistic": But this ain't art school. "Cool down time": That 15 minute period when you get into a muddle trying to figure out which theta preparation may work best that day. "When I'm in theta, I tend to fall asleep": Viewing at midnight will do that. "Data in the matrix must be in the correct columns": Buy the guy a ruler for Pete's sake. "Time line": I'm always way off but I console myself by remembering time is an illusion. Then I recall that I can't really "REmember" anything since time is an illusion, so I feel even better. Then I think I can't feel better, I can only feel what I'm feeling at this moment. I go through this every time my time line fails. "Deep session": It isn't literal, that's for sure. "Kickass session": It's literal, thank god, so can the metaphors for a while, willya? Target: What one shoots at. Objective: What you try to subjectify. "Ideograms": The map IS the territory, just writ eensy weensy small. Low level data: Too general to have specific meaning. High level data: Has specific meaning but even Ingo couldn't relate it to the objective. The Matrix: Once a sexier term than "Akashic records" but now washed out from overexposure. Soon to be replaced by InnerVoid. Matrix II: A very sophomoric movie. "My subconscious is connected with the Matrix and when I'm on target my conscious mind gets out of the way to let the information come forth": We all need poetry. Slippage aka leakage: Psychic dribbling into someone's else's session. "To mentor": S&M practice in which you subtly torment the conscious mind when all it's trying to do is get out of the way. Detailed analysis: This has gotta mean more than it seems to!

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