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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Tue Oct 8, 2002 11:35 am Subject: Visualization dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email A long time ago, when I had more involvement with formal magick, I spent a lot of time in visualizations. There are a number of exercises which suggest that visualization ability is really primary and key in a lot of mental-intent-result. So I would visualize the typical things (geometrics et al). I found that if I did this often enough, and then long enough, at some point, everything would "jump into 3D" as I called it. By this I mean, say you are daydreaming something idly. Then suddenly it is hyper-real, super-clear, close-up. Almost like what they say about lucid dreams getting suddenly more amazingly "realer- than-real". Except in my case, though I've lucid dreamed all my life (not so much the last several years), I seldom had the experience in the change in dream quality when I realized it was lucid -- usually there was already a fairly vivid environ. This 'jump' in perception of the visualization was startling especially at first. It was so incredibly real and right there. As if I hadn't realized I was a 'long way off' from something until some hyperjump happened and it was right THERE in my face. We are used to 'reality' being one thing, and then when we close our eyes, what we think of, is another -- we may remember well, or visualize well, but it's not like eyes-closed is anywhere near as literal and seemingly physical and fully-surrounding as 'waking' state is. Yet this made them equal. Generally I could bring it on just by practicing for a long period of time, although that period varied, maybe depending on my state of mind. I had a physical dissociative practice I did since childhood ( sort of self-hypnotic, nearly autistic thing) in which I could actively visualize for hours and hours. It was usually when I'd been doing this -- even if off and on through the day -- that the effect kicked in. PJ

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