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From: "PJ Gaenir" Date: Fri Aug 6, 2004 10:05 pm Subject: You Interview: Dr. Charles Tart dennanm Offline Offline Send Email Send Email You can SUGGEST QUESTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEW with Dr. Charles Tart. Dr. Charles T. Tart is well known in most the fields of "Human Potential" as an interdisciplinary theoretician and researcher into parapsychology, consciousness, etc. Tart was doing graduate work in Electrical Engineering when he decided to switch to psychology and got his Ph.D. in that instead. He's been publishing papers and books, as author or editor, and speaking around the world since 1963. He is also, on a personal note, one of the most decent human beings alive. I mean really; when you hear about people who genuinely example the best qualities they believe in spiritually, he fills the bill, and there aren't very many people on earth who do. He holds a PhD in psychology, and a black belt in Aikido. He has written or been primary editor for 13 books, and has published nearly 300 research papers and articles, including in journals such as Science and Nature. He is a Buddhist and has several papers on his website regarding that as well. His website's "Virtual Library" carries several of his research papers which he's gotten permission to post. He is unusually readable for a scientist--which in science circles is sometimes considered an almost insulting quality, as if one is more intellectual if they obfuscate, or as if any concept has less value if it can be explained so that even people without a Ph.D., hours and Tylenol can figure it out. In any case, since both Mel and Bill are busy and my occasional but not too often (don't want to nag) reminders haven't brought a completion to their interviews, and since my nagging Ed May has gradually gotten a little more done but we're still far from finished, I've decided to move on with the interview things as you see. Charles Tart (whom I call Charley, as I've considered him a friend since late 1996 or early 1997 I think it was, and we've worked together on several different projects (not all of which came to be in the end))--has agreed to an interview, if: It can be an ongoing "interview series" rather than a single interview. This is so (a) he isn't overwhelmed with a ton of questions all at the same time, and (b) so people seeing the first parts have the chance to ask for more detail, clarity or other things based on the first answers, and (c) so that he can take more time with answers and really explain stuff, rather than having the normal limits that media provides. He requests that people ask "the hard questions" if they've got them -- he doesn't fear questions that are personal, politically incorrect, etc. as long as they're sincere. To recommend a question for the interview series visit: http://www.sciencehorizon.com/Q.cfm (text-only: http://www.sciencehorizon.com/qtext.cfm ) This interview is open to several online areas, not just pjrv. Thanks! PJ

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